The Truth About Fitness and Weight Loss

The Truth About Exercise and Weight Loss

Exercise aids in keeping the body fit by maintaining the ideal body weight. Losing weight can be done by starving the body too which is not desirable as it slows down the metabolism and affects body balance. But with the right exercise, you can become fit and get rid of the excess weight too.

Why Exercise is Needed?

During exercise, the blood sugar level decreases and the fats stored in the fat cells are released by the hormones that are activated during exercise. This fat is used up by muscles for energy as a result of which the body loses fat. Regular exercise can burn up the fat that is stored in the body helping you lose weight and stay fit.

Types of Exercises

Exercises are basically of two types namely aerobic and weight training exercises.

  • Aerobic exercises also called as cardiovascular exercise increases heart rate and the respiratory rate helping in a better circulation. Exercises like swimming and running come under aerobic exercises.
  • Resistance training or strength building exercises help to build up the muscle mass and involve lifting free weights or using equipment that have varying resistance levels.

With an increase in the muscular mass, the calories will be burnt up faster even while the body is resting. This is because of the fact that muscle is basically a tissue that is active metabolically.

What Do Fitness and Weight Loss Help You Achieve?

When you take up a regular exercise routine, you stand to gain a lot. In addition to losing weight, you can keep the fat from accumulating. Further the exercise gives benefits other than the physical aspect. Self-confidence is boosted and your mental attitude is enhanced to a remarkable level and it continues improving with regular fitness sessions. Exercise helps to reduce the stress levels and prevent depression. Overeating and obesity can be prevented when regular exercise is taken up. Risk of diseases like stroke, diabetes, and osteoporosis is also reduced. You can even visit some veritable centres like Nashville Weight Loss Clinic to gain a wider knowledge about the benefits of fitness exercises.

Why Calories Count?

Human body is designed intrinsically to be in an active state generally. But the modernizations and technological advances have led to a sedentary lifestyle which is extremely damaging to the health of the body. Alteration in lifestyle pattern is called for to get back the desired fitness level. This can be achieved through weight loss by including as much physical activity as possible in your daily routine including Genesis Weight and Age Management. A simple exercise activity like a 30 minute walk daily can make a big difference to your weight loss endeavors and enhance your mental health too.

Why Weight Loss and Fitness are permanently linked?

Many people choose the easier way to lose weight by dieting. But weight loss through dieting is a temporary state which is reversible thus making it a poor choice. Similarly, fitness regimens that focus on exercise alone do not give the desired results as proper weight loss cannot be achieved. Losing weight with a well-balanced diet and regular exercise is the ideal way to get fit and maintain it too.

Fitness is mostly talked about in relation to weight loss as without losing weight and gaining the right balance, you cannot get fit. Being motivated and making permanent lifestyle changes will make the fitness and weight loss a permanent fixture.



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