The Truth About Exercising by Ernesto Villanueva


Everyone wants to be fit, look amazing, feel good and be generally healthy. Why else would you be reading this fitness blog post if otherwise? The following BBC Horizon documentary “The Truth About Exercise” takes an insightful look into the science behind exercising and the effects on specific people.

The average individual may not find interest in running laps around the block every day or stepping foot inside an intimidating fitness club on a weekly basis. Micheal Mosley subjects himself to possible ways to stay fit and healthy with only a few minutes of exercise per week. As Michael goes through the races of his three minutes per week high intensity exercise plan, the results turn out to be very surprising.

The final verdict from the documentary is very similar to my personal philosophy that fitness should be tailored to the specific individual. Everyone’s body type is unique to their lifestyle, genetics, eating habits and countless other factors. Having said that, my personal advice would be to listen to your body! Overtime, you can learn what does and doesn’t work for your body, eventually creating gains and even preventing injury.

Being fit and healthy is a life long journey that is only successful due to your own dedication and hard work. The process could take long for some, but retaining your hard earned gains over long-term periods of time make it much more fulfilling!

As I digress, check out the BBC Horizon documentary after the jump. It is a slightly lengthy video, but it can be an eye opener and inspiring to stay healthy.