The Truth About Fat Burning Supplements – Do They Really Work? (Video)


Are fat burners something that you should buy if you’re looking to lose weight? Are they as effective as supplement companies make them out to be? In my opinion: No. The only way to lose weight is to put yourself in a caloric deficit. This is also known as thermodynamics. A supplement will not replace diet and exercise. These two things combined are by far the best, safest, and most effective methods for weight loss.


There are no “magic pills” or shortcuts to getting results that will last. Weight loss is 99% diet/exercise/hard work/dedication and maybe 1% from a pill, so is that worth all of the money you will spend on them? That’s up for you to decide.

If you want an appetite suppressant or something to boost your energy levels, try drinking coffee; it’s much cheaper and you’ll get the same effect. Losing weight or gaining muscle takes a lot hard work on a consistent basis. There are no easy fixes, so take pride in the process and enjoy the ride.



via Lean Body Lifestyles