The Ultimate Kettlebell Workout (Video)

The Ultimate Kettlebell Workout


What ever misconception you have about kettlebells, stop it right now! Its time for you to start incorporating them into your workout.  Here are some interesting factoids about kettlebells.

  • A kettlebell’s center of gravity actually shifts during the course of the exercise. Kettlebells are similar to everyday objects that you lift up everyday (i.e. overstuffed briefcases, grocery bags, toddlers, etc), and repeated use provides much the same benefit: functional in real world strength. “
  • A kettlebell’s unique shape also allows you to transition from one exercise to the next without putting it down. Its called a nonstop strategy “kettlebell flow,” and the results speak for themselves: a better metabolic burn and more muscle in significantly less time.


Perform the following routine as a “workout ladder.” Begin with 1 rep of each exercise on your right side then moving from one to the next without resting. Next step is performing 2 reps of each on your right side, then 3, and so on up to 5 reps. Now rest for 2 minutes, and then repeat the workout ladder on your left side. If your grip isn’t strong enough to complete a full ladder on one side, alternate sides, resting for 1 minute between reps.



1. Kettlebell Single Arm Snatch


2. Kettlebell windmill



3. Kettlebell Single Arm Front Squat



4. Kettlebell single-arm shoulder press