There Is Now A Device Made Specifically For Butt Selfies

Finally, a fun way to take belfie and share photos with your friends. Yep, this is a belife, a device used to take selfies but including your sexy buttocks and behind.

If you’re unfamiliar, a belfie is essentially a selfie taken of your rear end from behind.The term was coined by Kim Kardashian, and the pose is favored by celebrities like Rihanna, Miley Cyrus, Heidi Klum, Nicki Minaj, Cara Delevingne, and Jen Selter. A belfie is not easy to take, however. It is inherently a very advanced level of selfie. Now the Belfie Stick is a bendable stick that you hold behind you, just as a “belfie” is a “selfie” you take of your butt.


Belfie - works with Android, Apple and Windows phones. Has Bluetooth and can be bent in any direction!

Take your butt selfie with Belfie! A device to take selfies including your buttocks or whole body behind.

Truly this is a great day for innovation, because I’m writing about a bendable stick that will help people more efficiently capture the splendor of their asses with their cell phone cameras so that they can pollute social media streams with these rump shots.

A belfie is not easy to take, however. It is inherently a very advanced level of selfie.

Unless you’re taking the photo through a mirror, you need to hold, focus, and frame a photo over your shoulder, all without being able to see the shot.

The Belfie Stick streamlines this process.

Unlike a normal selfie stick, the Belfie Stick is bendable and ideal for taking photos from behind. The titanium steel stick can be bent and angled according to your preference and it’s easy to take a causal looking belfie that, to the viewer, looks like a casual glance over your shoulder.

Couple of things: I had no idea that selfie sticks were a number one Christmas boutique gift item, apparently the term “belfie” is being credited to the laboratory of deep thought that is Kim Kardashian, and The Belfie Stick is the product of a 10,000 selfie-expert groupthink that was commissioned by

Now, I’m no selfie expert, but I don’t understand why people don’t seek out the folks at Olan Mills to satisfy their ass picture needs. Nothing says “casual belfie” like a backdrop with lasers.

If that idea doesn’t sound copacetic to you and you’re still interested in buying a Belfie Stick, I am judging you and you can pre-order one for $79.99 at

via Uproxx