These Brothers Are The World’s Strongest Kids (Video)

World Strongest Boys

Meet nine-year-old Giuliano Stroe and his little brother Claudiu, 7.  The extraordinarily ripped pair are part of a family of bodybuilders dubbed ‘The Hercules’. The youngsters, who are attempting to become the world’s strongest boys, work hard for their physique, lifting 4kgs dumb bells and heavy weights for up to two hours a day. Little Giuliano has already broken two world records for 90-degree vertical push-ups and another holding onto a pole like a human flag.


The boys, who lift weights for two hours a day, are originally from Romania and lived for a time in Florence.


The elder brother, Giuliano, holds two world records: one for 90-degree vertical pushups and another holding on to a pole like a human flag. His younger brother Claudiu, who reportedly started copying his sibling’s fitness regime when he was just 18-months-old, can now do handstand push-ups on a bar, the splits between metal rings and is learning the flag pole trick.

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Their 35-year-old father Julian Stroe wants to make his sons famous and has made the boys perform acrobatic feats and lift weights since they were toddlers. The family were unable to make a living in Italy and returned to Romania where they now trade scrap metal.


Julian says he may be moving to the UK in the coming months in search of work for himself, or a financial sponsor for his sons as he hopes to bring the family’s novel weightlifting act to a new audience. Giuliano posted on his Facebook page that he didn’t want his Dad to travel to England, “who will take care of us? Alone here is sad and dangerous. Help him to get a job near to us. Thank you” he said.


It has been suggested that is cruel to make the boys, who routinely lift 4kg dumbbells and heavy weights, train so hard while they’re young.  But their mother says: “They have a natural ability for this, nothing is forced, it is what God intended for them.”


via Sunday World