Things Bodybuilders Should Avoid?



You spend 60 to 90 minutes daily across the year, and you’re devoted to your workouts – still don’t get the desired results? Well, then definitely something went wrong in your workout schedule or in your lifestyle. It is the right time to check whether, by any means do you make any wrong? Here is a brief list of most common mistakes by bodybuilders that you MUST avoid getting your desired results –


#1. Unhealthy Lifestyle: unhealthy lifestyle is the main enemy of any bodybuilder. Unhealthy lifestyle like late night parties, work over night or too much stress not only disrupt your workout schedule, it also reduces the effect of your entire workout effort, additionally, those unhealthy life style brings other health problems like – high blood pressure, diabetes, insomnia, cardiac issues and many other issues. So, keep the stress away and adopt a healthy lifestyle.

Unhealthy lifestyle also includes bad food and drinking habits. We’ll discuss those topics later in this article. Keep reading –

#2. Improper Training: right training is the soul of bodybuilding. So, we MUST keep our eyes on it. Too much exercise is not good for health, alternatively; too less exercise is not making any significant difference in your body. So, it is very important that, we must ensure the right exercise schedule. It is really very difficult to recognize the invisible line between over exercise, moderate exercise and less exercise; only an expert can determine the perfect exercise for someone.

Sometimes selecting wring exercise schedule can completely mess your entire effort. It is very common for those unattended health clubs/gyms, where too many students depend on a single instructor – many of them suffer with “Chicken Leg” problem, or rounded biceps! The most common reason is – nothing but selecting wrong exercise or sometimes performs only one exercise instead of exercise groups! On the other hand, it is very common that, many students perform only biceps and other exercise and completely eliminate leg exercises! And the result of it is – “Chicken Leg” Problem. So, be careful and concentrate every muscle of your body.

#3. Improper Nutrition: in bodybuilding Nutrition is the second important thing after exercise. Like regular, scheduled exercise – balanced diet is also important. Usually, teens, even adults do not concentrate on their foods. There are lots of potentially dangerous foods that not only increase your weight, add belly fat and other fat in your body. Normally, the restricted food in bodybuilding is – fast food/junk food, high calorie food, high fat content food, cold drink, alcoholic beverages, caffeine and sweet dishes.

It is recommended that, instead of them, add green vegetables, fruits, proteins like fish, egg, meat (beef, pork, chicken), vegetable protein, optimum carbohydrate in your regular meal. Additionally, instead of coffee, you can taste the green tea. It not only help to reduce weight, it also contains huge antioxidants and try plain water, fruit juice and vegetable juice instead of beer or cold drinks.

#4. Improper Rest Schedule: Adequate rest is also essential. This is the third essential element of successful bodybuilding process. Resting too little simply kill you! Yes!  This is true, alternatively, too much rest can create problems for you. Resting too little, reduce your weight, decrease blood pressure, and many other problems that cause death. Whereas, too much rest means you’re avoiding exercise. So, balance your rest schedule and get the complete benefit of bodybuilding.

If you carefully check your schedule and found one of them into them, take immediate action and do the necessary and consult with your instructor.