Three Simple Diet Rules For The Average Person



Many find dieting a very boring idea because of tasteless food, and boring appetites. Diet plans usually don’t allow you to eat food of your choice and than for trying to strictly follow a diet then becomes impossible.

If we suggest you a diet plan for simply 3 foods to be avoided and just make a simple change in your eating pattern, will you follow it? We guarantee you that you may starting seeing some results in a few weeks, and gradually you will be able to get your body in great shape.

So here are some rules you may follow:

Rule # 1

Sugar is your enemy. Sweets and snacks are not allowed in 5 days a week, but you can have them on Saturdays and Sundays only. Deserts, Junks and starch put all your efforts into the trash.

Rule # 2

Your plate size is also key of dieting. Try to use 9 to 10 inch plates when your hungry and don’t come back for seconds. As the fashion of eating is changing our plate size has  increased 25%, according to the study from Cornell University. Eating in smaller plate size make you to control eating and lead to consume less food which is unnoticeable but core tool to achieving your goals.

Rule # 3

You are a vegan before Dinner. If you can’t avoid junk food for your dieting, try to eat only vegan foods until dinnertime, then you’re allowed whatever you’d like. And after dinner you are not allowed to lay down till two hour. An experience is shared in New Times magazine where a guy lost 35 pound in 4 months by following this rule.