Tim Tebow’s Interesting ‘Leg Day’ Exercise (Video)

NFL quarterback Tim Tebow’s leg day workout probably don’t look like your’s. He uses some kind of swinging leg press jumping machine and you don’t. And he does it shirtless, because shirts are so unnecessary when you’re beasting it out on leg day.

Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Tim Tebow is putting in some serious work as he tries to make the team’s roster.

For “Leg Day,” Tebow went away from the usual workouts and performed an interesting exercise at the Performance Enhancement Professionals center in Arizona. While it certainly wouldn’t be a walk in the park, the machine he is using looks like it could add some fun to workouts.

Of course, even if he is in tip-top shape, Tebow is still going to have to prove himself with his arm in order to make Chip Kelly’s squad. Regardless of whether he makes the Eagles, nobody can say that the polarizing quarterback isn’t putting in the work.

via Bleacher Report