Tim Tebow’s NFL Off-Season Workout Routine


Tebow’s metabolic conditioning circuit included the following exercises:


Rapid Response Drills: Tebow performs several quick feet drills over a distance of 15 yards per variation

Vertical Set Circuit: Using a barbell, Tebow performs a Clean High Pull, RDL, Low Row, Back Squat and Push Press

Sled Drives: Tebow stays low and pushes the sled for 20 yards

Explosive Bosu Push-Up: Adds an upper-body power element to the circuit

Sledgehammer Tire Pulls: Using the sledgehammers allows Tebow to stay upright and maintain proper body position when pulling the tire

Lateral Quick Feet Ladder Drill: Improves footwork while Tebow is under fatigue

Drop and Sprint Bag Drill: Adds a QB-specific movement to the conditioning circuit

After completing the conditioning circuit, Tebow performs a strength workout using the following exercises:

Incline Tsuki Dumbbell Press: Strengthens the chest, shoulders and triceps; Tebow rotates his palms inward as he lowers the dumbbells to his chest

Batwing Dumbbell Row: Lying face down on incline bench, Tebow pulls the dumbbells up while retracting his shoulder blades, holds for one count, and lowers the dumbbells to start position

Lumberjack Press: Grasping the end of the barbell with one hand, Tebow presses the barbell out and in front of his body


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