Tips On How to Choose A Personal Trainer



For many people, a gym can be an intimidating place. However, working out is important, especially if you are struggling with a weight problem. You may know that exercising is important, but may not know how to go about it or what exercises to select to help you lose weight or make yourself fit. This is where a personal trainer can prove to be extremely handy. A personal trainer is a professional who knows how to make you exercise in a safe, effective and efficient manner. There are so many personal trainers, but the key finding one who best suits your needs.

Here are some important tips on choosing the right personal trainer:



Find out from friends and family members whether they can recommend a personal trainer. This will allow you to find out more about the trainer. Your friends or family members will be able to tell you more about the trainer’s attitude, training method, professionalism and personality. You will find out how the trainer helped them meet their fitness goals and milestones and what they have managed to accomplish till now. Furthermore, your friends and family members will know you very well and they will be able to determine whether their trainer will suit your needs.



Make it a point to interview three to four personal trainers to see whether you like their personality and feel you could be comfortable being around them. A drill sergeant-like trainer may not be the best choice if you want someone who is kind and yet firm. You may get de-motivated if the trainer is rude or too pushy. There are enough personal trainers with outstanding credentials who can suit your personality as well as match your needs.



Do make it a point to check out the trainer’s certification and do some research on the kind of certification he has. Some organization require trainers to physically work with clients before getting their certification, while others may certify the trainer just by reading material online and sitting for an online test. It is good to hire a trainer, who has a certification from the National Commission for Certifying Agencies (NCCA). This certification requires the trainer to have book knowledge as well as hands-on experience.



Ask the personal trainer to give you references and make sure that you follow through on them. You should get contact details of present and past clients. This will help you understand the trainer’s training method and whether the trainer was successful in helping his clients meet their fitness or weight loss goals.



Find out what the personal trainer charges for a 30-minute and 1 hour training session. If you feel that a personal trainer in Connecticut is good, but you find his prices too high, you can always ask for a discount on package training. Many trainers are more than willing to offer partner training sessions, so if you have a friend or family member who want to make use of the skills and expertise of a personal trainer, you could always share the cost with that person.


Trial Session

Request the personal trainer Connecticut to offer you a trial training session. To get new clients, many personal trainers have no qualms about offering a reduce rate for the trial session or even giving it free. This will give you an idea how the trainer can help you meet your fitness goals and give you a better understanding about his competency and abilities. During the trial session if you think that the trainer is good and can keep you motivated, you can hire him on a full-time basis.