Tips To Amp Up Your Next Gym Session 

Tips To Amp Up Your Next Gym Session 1


It happens! From time to time, it’s hard to muster up that massive amount of energy and will to have a great workout! There are so many things that can throw us off from maximizing our performance in the gym. Not eating enough, not having enough sleep can all make us not want to workout. However, you can avoid this rut with careful planning. Here are six tips to consider to amp up your next gym session.

Pre-workout Meal

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What most people fail to realize is that the pre-workout meal sets the tone to how effective our workout will be. If we eat too much, feelings of being bloated and heavy will slow us down. However, if don’t eat enough, we raise the risk of getting nauseated and light-headed. The best thing to do is to eat a meal of around 300 to 500 calories of slow-digesting carbs such as brown rice, yams or pasta, lean meats, a healthy dose of fats, and fibrous vegetables.

Energy Boost


Nowadays, many people are spicing up their workout routines with the usage of pre-workout formulas. These supplements contain high amounts of caffeine, yohimbe, arginine and other ingredients that help boost energy levels, minimize muscular fatigue and help improve overall endurance levels. However, too much caffeine can make people lightheaded, dizzy and even dehydrated. Sometimes, a good cup of black coffee will do just the job to make your workouts more effective.

Mix Up Workout Routine


If you have fallen into the trap of performing the same exercise routine, now is the time to mix it up! Try something different for a chance. If you are used to doing a typical bodybuilding split, try a boxing workout. Nonetheless, be careful with these types of high intensity workouts. You will need to have a healthy back, a degree of flexibility and stamina in order to perform some of these workouts. If the intensity is too much, slow down and try something like Yoga or Tai Chi.



Sometimes you may not be feeling the gym because your body needs rest. You should be getting at least seven to nine hours of sleep a night. Anything less is a compromise to your energy levels. If you are not in the mood to workout, that could be your body’s indirect way of telling you to get some rest!

Active Recovery


Although you might be in the mood to workout, your body sometimes isn’t fully recovered. Your muscles might be ready to go, but your nervous system doesn’t have the fuel to explode. Make sure that you are incorporating active recovery days within your workout schedule. Sometimes, the best workout is not working out at all. On this particular rest day, you can engage in light exercise such as jogging, swimming, walking hills or yoga.

Workout With A Partner/Trainer


Some people absolutely dread working out with people. However, working out with a friend or temporarily hiring a personal trainer might give you the edge you need to complete a workout. Do it once in a while just to make sure you are not slacking off.

There are obviously a variety of other ways people use to amp up their workouts. Find what best works for you and constantly change it up.