Tips To Stop Running From Becoming Boring

As one of the best forms of cardiovascular exercise available, running is enjoyed by many people. However running can become boring, forcing runners to lose interest. For those who are struggling to stay motivated and enjoy their running, check out some of the top tips below.

Run With Others
For those who want to try running with someone else, it is easy to ask around friends, neighbours or even colleagues to find someone else interested in running. If training for an event, try running with a group who are also training for the same event. As part of a group, a runner will usually be able to match pace with at least one other, rather than having to run faster or slower to maintain pace. There is also the opportunity to take the dog (or someone else’s dog) for a run too.

Change of Scene
Consider changing the route. Many runners tend to stay on their usual route and concentrate on beating their time, but this can lead to boredom. Try some different roads or tracks and for those who live in a flat area, look out for hills as these add some interest into the run and force a change of pace or stride. Why not consider detours during a run, such as sprinting on a stretch of grass or stopping to do some sit ups or pull ups in the playground.

For those who are road runners, consider switching to a different running activity for a while. Running cross-country, running with weights, or fell running are just three examples of alternative running. For those who train for long distance, why not try shorter runs with a faster pace, or for short distance runners, consider lengthening the route and slowing the pace. Not only will this change the routine and provide a challenge, but it will also assist in strengthening groups of muscles that may not be used as much on the usual road run.

Change the Time
The time of day can make a difference as to how much motivation there is for running. Those who run in the evening can find that other activities or family take precedence over a run, so it may be worth trying to run at lunchtime, or early morning. Although early morning can be difficult for some people, running at this time can help to improve motivation.

Get the Family Involved
For those with partners or children who do not run, why not encourage them to cycle alongside during a run. This means that the run will be fun and the whole family will be enjoying the outdoors while having a workout.

Go Shopping
Consider purchasing some new running gear. Why not pick up a running magazine to read about the latest footwear and consider trying some out. For those who want to switch their running activities, then it is worth checking that existing running gear is correct for that purpose. A number of runners also use heart monitors to monitor progress on-route and investing in a gadget such as this can be an additional incentive to get out and run.


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