Top 4 Exercises For Bigger, Better and Stronger Abdominals

Top 4 Exercises For Bigger, Better and Stronger Abdominals 1


1. Dragon Flags (difficulty: advanced)


The ultimate core exercise. The goal of everyone trying to develop a strong core should be, at some point, the ability to perform dragon flags. One of the most difficult exercises out there, yet also one of the most rewarding. If you can do these, that means you have a great core already, and practicing these will not only help make your abs bigger and better looking, but will also stabilize your core as all of your muscles work together during this exercise. Make your goal to one day perform dragon flags. Your ab workout can consist of 4 sets of dragon flags, and you will have abs others c an only dream of (given your body fat % is up to par). If you are still not convinced, this was the exercise Bruce Lee did on a daily basis to develop possibly the strongest core known to men.

2. Hanging Leg Raises (difficulty: intermediate-advanced)


Another great ab exercise. This is probably the best exercise to do to acquire bigger abs, and it has many variations. Of course, the hardest variation will be the most effective one, but if you cant do it yet; you can start on less advanced movements and work your way up. I would say these are necessary to include in your every ab workout. While there is an excuse for not including dragon flags (because of their difficulty), there is no excuse not to include hanging leg raises, as there is a version for people of just about all levels. If absolutely cannot do it, replace it laying down leg raises.

3. Weighted Sit-ups (difficulty: intermediate) 


Adding weight to your sit-ups is a great way to get your abs stronger and bigger. Instead of 100 sit ups with no weight, perform 20 with some weight added, and you will feel, and see, the difference. If you can do more than 15 reps of sit-ups with no weight, you should start adding weight, to try to increase abdominal strength, and move your way up to hanging leg raises and eventually dragon flags.

4. Weighted Russian Twists (difficulty: easy) 


A great exercise to build up your obliques. This will also serve as a stabilizing exercise as your lower back also gets involved in the workout, making it overall a great exercise. Probably the best oblique movement, so if you want some strong and toned obliques, make sure you include this exercise!

Extra Tips:
• Try to include all of the above mentioned in your ab workout, Do not do all in the same day but rather split them up. So on day 1 you could do Dragon Flags and Russian twists, while on day 2 you can do Hanging leg raises and weighted sit-ups
• Aim for 4 sets of about 10-15 reps for each exercise. If it starts to get too easy, try adding some more weight
• For maximum results, superset any 2 exercises mentioned above in the same day.

Author: Davit Torosyan