Top 5 Fitness Tips for Women Over 50



With the ever increasing awareness of how extra pounds can hinder old age and health in multiple ways, women strive to maintain health through exercises, yoga, meditation and other related techniques. No wonder this has increased the demand of yoga centers, gyms and clubs and investors have filled the niche by creating them in every other street. But the fact is that all these centers are good as they add in the social life for women over 50 but most staying healthy ways can be adopted outside such centers. Here are some fitness tips for women over 50 that can be added in daily life easily-

1) Walk regularly

Walking is one of the best fitness secret that applies to almost all age groups. However, over 50 many exercises and fitness techniques are restricted to avoid side effects. Walking though is still recommended regardless of age and condition. It has various benefits such as movement in all body parts, cardiovascular fitness and improvement in mood levels due to exposure of outdoor environment. It is not necessary that one should put on walking shoes and then do the exercise. Keeping one active and performing some household chores, stepping out and walking instead of driving for outdoor chores that can be easily managed by foot are some of the ways of adding walking in life.

2) Weight lifting

From some of the best fitness tips for women over 50, this one is ranked on the top. Every fitness expert suggests this technique for quick weight loss. Weight lifting is done by women over 70 as well; the exercise is great to get all muscles moving. It is a great workout technique that stops any unwanted fat to return on tough spots of the body such as belly, hips, chin, neck and arms. Weight lifting is also beneficial in keeping bones active and steady, strength is added by physical activity and better feeling is instilled on a personal note.

3) Adjust diet and drink water as much as possible

When there is walking and exercise to be done, that means a lot of sweating would be happening too. To compensate the water level in body and avoid chances of dehydration, one should make sure that more than 8 glasses of water are consumed in a day. Moreover, diet should be extremely healthy. Carbohydrates cut down and healthy food rich in protein, calcium, fiber should be added such as fish, eggs, chicken, green leafy vegetables, milk, yogurt etc.

4) Add on core exercises to routine

Crunches and superman alternates may sound tough at 50 plus, but common one has to prove 50 is not an elderly age! With that note, the body at 50 is just what one wants to make it. Young and strong or old and crippled, it is High time to add walking and core exercises in the routine. By keepings abs and hips active, there will be lesser chances of lethargy and fat build up which becomes difficult to shed off with time. Core exercises also help in maintaining overall body stability and strength.

5) Join health related support groups

To join a group that has similar age recurrences is great as one need to have people experiencing the same physical, mental and emotional changes. Through this the best of social time is made and also a lot of beneficial information is obtained which helps in taking care of self in a better way and not feeling any negative vibe about oneself. Support groups also plan regular excursions, and when one does not feel like getting up and walking or doing exercise having supportive peers and group members is one of the best way to beat lethargy out and become active again.



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