5 Healthy Eating Tips That Are Often Misunderstood

5 Healthy Eating Tips That Are Often Misunderstood


There are many myths when it comes to healthy eating which could put people off of food that is good for them, or actually make them unhealthy. Healthy eating tips are everywhere, although some are much more based on fiction than fact. Here are top 5 healthy eating tips which are often misunderstood!


1) Carbs are bad for you!



There are many diet crazes at the moment which tell you to cut down, or get rid of carbs altogether. Although part of this is based on fact, there are easier ways to do it than by sacrificing bread, pasta and potatoes! It is important to remember that carbohydrates are one of your major food groups, so scrapping them altogether is not good for you. Choosing the right carbs in the right portions is much better for you. Go for wholegrain pastas and breads instead, with a limit of one quarter of your plate in starch.



2) Losing weight is much harder than keeping it off



Those who finish their diet plan might find that they begin putting the weight back on again, but it is not a case of it being harder to maintain a healthy weight. When you become slimmer your body needs less calories to burn energy and function. If your original weight loss plan does not include enough protein then you will find yourself putting the weight back on quickly again. It is important to maintain the plan that you had set out for yourself and remain persistent. It is not harder to keep the weight off, it should be the same difficulty as losing weight in the first place. As long as you have motivation and drive then this should be a piece of cake (not literally)!



3) You should only eat carbohydrates when exercising

Those naughty carbs have cropped up again in another diet myth! Many people think that because carbohydrates are the body’s preferred energy source that you should only eat them when you are active. However, if you have an after work exercise routine or schedule then you should consume an appropriate amount of carbs in the evening as body fuel. If you are not keen on hitting the gym after work then keep your snacks to high protein treats such as cottage cheese or a protein shake to remain slim.


4) Juice Detoxes will make you slim

A juice detox is a popular method with people to lose weight fast, however it is not the most sensible. It is great to fill up on fruits and vegetables but the only reason you will be losing weight is because of a lower intake of calories. This is not a great permanent fix and you will find that putting the weight back on will come quickly after your juice detox. Make sure you are getting your 5 fruit and veg a day without sacrificing any other food groups. Taking a cooking class can ensure you know how to squeeze that fruit and vegetable content in without getting rid of proteins and so on.

5) When you are hungry you need food

A rumbling stomach is not necessarily a sign that you need to run to the vending machine at work, it could simply be a lack of water. Your body will also send signs that it is hungry when you are tired through lack of sleep. Always make sure that you drink plenty of water during the day and get a good nights sleep to fight those hunger cravings.