Top 5 Mass and Strength Adding Exercises (Video)

Top 5 Mass and Strength Adding Exercises


Here is a list of five exercises that you should be doing especially if your looking to add muscle mass and strength.




The king of all exercises, squats provide the foundation for body strength, and also engage our bodies into burning more calories and hence more fat. Squats activate your whole body, so just about every muscle in your body will get blood pumped to it. Squats will also strengthen the core, as it gets heavily worked during the exercise, along with your lower body. Squats release the most amounts of GH and testosterone out of all exercises, so it will aid in adding mass to your body overall. Other benefits include increased flexibility and a higher vertical jump. If you wish to be an immovable statue, hit the squat rack!



Possibly the best Strength/Mass gaining value you can get. Deadlifts rank right up there with squats, and, in actuality, use even MORE muscle groups than squats do, making deadlifts the ultimate workout for your whole body. The increased testosterone and GH levels will help add mass not only to your lower body but also upper, and the movement itself will give you a better posture along with an extremely solid infrastructure, and a “Christmas Tree” lower back. Combined with squats, deadlifts will get will be a powerful tool in all aspects of bodybuilding. Add them to your routine and you will see strength gains in all other exercises as well.

The Bench Press


Another compound exercise designed to hit various muscle groups. This exercise has many variations (flat/incline/decline), and all should be included in your routine at some point. This and #4 are your go to exercises for the upper body, and will never fail you. The bench is an everyday basic motion (pushing), so it is very practical in our lives. If someone shoves you, you shove them back and tell them to hit the bench!



My personal favorite exercise out of all. I have never seen anyone who can perform 20 pull-ups that isn’t strong in every aspect. Pull-ups will add mass to your back and give you wings, while also strengthening your core, arms and back. If you want to show someone how strong you are compared to your body weight, grab onto a bar and do some pull-ups. On an additional note, pull-ups were Bruce Lee’s staple exercise, so you might want to check them out.

Overhead Barbell Press 


Somewhat of a forgotten exercise today, the overhead press has been a vital exercise for many Olympic weightlifters through the years. No matter if you’re weightlifting or bodybuilding, this exercise is key to massive, wide shoulders that possess tremendous strength. This exercise will add raw strength and power, work the core, and stabilize the body. This is a tremendous exercise and could very well be ranked number 2 or 3 on this list.


  • Just about all of these exercises carry a high risk to them. Make sure you study proper form and perform the exercises correctly to minimize injury risk.
  • I HIGHLY recommend having all five of these in your routines. After a short period of time you will notice differences not only in your physique but also strength and power.
  • I do recommend going heavy in all of these exercises, but be careful not to overdo it.


Author: Davit Torosyan