Top 5 Weight Loss Myths Exposed!

Weight Loss Myths


Obesity is one of the big health issues all over the world after cancer and AIDS. Actually, obesity is not a simple health issue; rather it invites other health issues like – diabetes, high blood pressure, cardiovascular issues as well as has a bad impact on social life! Not only that, if you’re involved with acting, dancing or any performing arts, then it is very crucial that, you must have a great physique.

However, unfortunately there are lots of myths are around the fitness world, but many of them are not true, even they care create lots of health problems! In this article, we’ll take a closer look at on common weight loss / fat loss myths and try to know the real facts behind the myths –


Myth #1

There are no magic pills, health supplements or anything available that can reduce your weight overnight without any risk! Yes! It is true. You probably seen many advertisement in Internet, television or even in newspapers, but the truth is – those magic pills are not safe for your health! They’re not only unsafe even they can kill you! The main reason of it is – those pills/supplements contains steroids, potentially harsh chemicals, appetite killer and many other harmful elements that completely destroy your body! So, beware of them. Keep in mind that, balanced diet and exercise can only reduce your weight effectively and without any health risk.

Myth #2

Completely eliminate fat/carbohydrate from your meal! It is another common misconception regarding the weight loss regime. But the truth is – complete elimination of carbohydrate/fat is not good for your health. Only protein can create lots of other health issues like – digestive issues, decreased energy level and many other problems. On the other hand, complete elimination of fat creates skin problems. So, do not eliminate carbohydrate and fat from your meal, rather use them in right proportion.

Myth #3

Drink lots of water. Yes! Another myth exists on weight loss and body building regime. It is partially true. But keep in mind that, drinking water is essential but excessive water drinking habits can cause several health problems like – low potassium level in the blood, high pressure in the liver and kidney. The suggested level of drinking water is – 8-10 glass in a day. Keep in mind that, excessive drinking water can cause – Hyponatremia.

Myth #4

Dairy products must be eliminated! This is partially true. Because milk and other dairy products contain high volume of fat along with other essential elements like – vitamins, zinc and calcium. As we know apart from fat, other elements are essential for our body, especially calcium. Calcium is one of the key elements for strong bones. That is why; it is recommended that – try low fat, skimmed or semi-skimmed dairy products instead of full-cream dairy products.

Myth #5

Eat small! This is a complete misconception. If you slash down your regular meal, then the effect of it simply reflects on your energy level. So, the best idea is don’t slash your meal, rather fill your meal with a balanced diet like – right amount of protein, little amount of carbohydrate and fat, and rests are green vegetables and fruits.

Nevertheless, hope the information can clarify some of most the common myths that you commonly know from your friends! Happy Bodybuilding!