Top Five Exercise to Follow in a Gym for Glowing Skin



The beautiful body and glowing skin of the models and actors have often made us wonder about the skincare products used by them. Honestly beauty products are an essential part of their skincare regime, but definitely not the only thing that results in beautiful and radiant skin. Along with using good products, they exercise regularly and also eat nutritious foods, which helps in making their skin shiny, soft and supple from within. If you want that flawless glowing skin, then you need to take out time for workout regularly.

Kind of Exercise

Cardiovascular exercises are must for getting glowing skin. Cardiovascular exercises aid in increasing heart rate by about 55 to 70% and therefore supplying the body with large amount of fresh oxygen. Thus the blood streams become oxygen rich and when it is circulated all around the body, the skin starts to blush while exercising. After the workout session you would be left with a radiant and soft skin. However, make sure you are exercising at a stable pace and without taking any break for at least ten minutes to see visible result.

Here is a list of five cardiovascular exercises that you must indulge in regularly in your gym for glowing skin:


This is the most common exercising machine present in all gyms. It is used for having the same effect as walking or jogging while staying in one place. Ten to fifteen minutes of running on the treadmill is enough for all individuals. However, you should start with walking to warm up their body and acclimatize yourself with the pace of the machine. After 3 minutes warm up you should move onto jogging and finally running.

Stair Climber

Stair climber is also a common exercising machine that has been designed to imitate the same movement as that of climbing stairs. Ten minutes nonstop exercising in this machine will increase your heart beat to manifold times and thus helping in circulating oxygen rich blood throughout the body.

Elliptical Trainer

This is a popular exercising machine that is found in almost all gyms and it is best suited for people who have knee injury as it is a low impact exercise machine. Working out on this machine involves a combination of running, climbing as well as walking all of which are cardiovascular activities. The speed of this machine can be adjusted according to the preference of the user.

Stationary Bicycle

Stationary bicycles or exercise bikes are an exercise instrument that is used for mimicking the cycling exercise. This is one of the safest and effective cardiac workouts. It can be tried by individuals of any age group as the impact of this exercise is quite minimal and would not stress their joints.

Rowing Machine

Rowing is also a great cardiac exercise option that stimulates heart, lungs, legs, arms as well as the core muscles of the body. This single exercise will be tone up all the muscles of the body with the least amount of impact on the joints of the body.

All these cardiovascular exercises will boost your heart rate and help in better blood circulation all around the body, thereby ensuring glowing, smooth and supple skin. These exercises will also help in detoxifying your body, thereby cleaning it from within. After workout in gym you must use good skincare products to clean the whole body and moisturize it well to retain the natural glow of your skin.