Top Five Health Benefits Of Swimming



Swimming is a fun exercise that can benefit you in several ways. It allows you to get a great workout without putting a lot of strain on your joints. Below are five of the benefits that you can reap from swimming:

Stress Reduction

Stress is a part of our everyday life, and no one is exempt from it. Safe and successful swimming lessons can help you reduce your stress. Swimming helps stimulate the release of endorphins, which help you feel good. They also help you relax. The next time that you feel stressed out after a very long day, you should consider swimming a couple of laps around the pool.

Weight Loss

Swimming is effective for helping you lose weight because it is a huge calorie burner. The number of calories that you burn during swimming is largely dependent upon your weight, sex and physiology. However, the average person can burn up to 150 calories by swimming for just 10 minutes. This means that if you swim for at least an hour, then you may be able to burn 900 calories.

Reduce Your Cholesterol

Swimming helps lower your bad cholesterol by increasing your good cholesterol. If you
increase your good cholesterol by just one point, then you can decrease your risk of heart disease by 3.5 percent. You will also be able to lower your risk of heart disease by reducing your bad cholesterol.

Reduce Your Risk Of Type 2 Diabetes

Aerobic exercise, such as swimming, helps reduce your risk of developing type 2 diabetes. You can potentially reduce your risk of type 2 diabetes by up 10 percent by swimming 30 minutes per day, three times per week. If you already have type 2 diabetes, then swimming can help improve insulin sensitivity.

Longer Life

Swimming regularly could possibly help prolong your life. There was a study done by a team of researchers at the University of South Carolina. The study followed 40,547 men who were between the ages of 20 and 90. The results of the study showed that the men who swam regularly were able to reduce their risk of dying by up to 50 percent.

Swimming is an enjoyable activity that will help reduce your stress, promote weight loss and lower cholesterol. It can also help reduce your risk of type 2 diabetes. Furthermore, swimming on a regular basis will help you live a longer life.