The Hottest Fitness Trends Of 2014

The Hottest Fitness Trends Of 2014


With the celebrations from the New Year well and truly gone, and the usual mundane routines back into play again, you may have quickly realised that all of the resolutions that you made when the clock struck midnight have long been forgotten, or you are at least trying to forget about them in favour of staying in the warm over the winter!

However the start of a new year means this is the time to change, put that effort in and go after what it is you really want. As many of you want fitter, healthier and more toned bodies, we have come up with a list of some of the hottest fitness trends of 2014.


1. Barre Workout



This workout is popping up all over the place – a workout that sculpts and tones your muscles to create a leaner looking physique.  The class involves a range of dance conditioning, interval training isometrics and physical therapy practices to lengthen your muscles to reshape your body and make it stronger. Your will be able to increase your flexibility and your stamina as well as begin to show noticeable results, especially as you tend to burn at an average of 450 calories per class.


2. Hot Yoga

hot yoga

There are many different types and styles of Hot Yoga, and which you choose is dependent on what you want to achieve and they type of workout you are looking for. The main difference between more traditional yoga practices and Hot Yoga is the temperature of the room that the workout is carried out in. The room temperature can vary from a slightly warmer than usual temperature to a more intense heat that has more of a high-humidity rainforest like feel to it. The additional heat brings up your heart rate, making your body work even harder than usual, allowing you to burn more of those pesky calories and improve you’re endurance.


3. HIIT Training

HIIT class

HIIT Training (High-Intensity Interval Training) varies between quick bursts of extreme activity with shorter periods of rest and recovery in between. Usually around 30 minutes, they are an ideal training method for those who want maximum results quickly, as well as those who don’t have much time to factor in longer workouts. That isn’t to say, however, that it will be 30 minutes of mediocre training, it involves intense and heart racing exercises that will help to burn fat and excess weight easily.


4. Boot Camp

Boot Camp

Fitness Boot Camps are usually a mixture of strength training and aerobic exercises. The fact that you don’t just concentrate on one type of exercise or activity is what many people love about this choice of fitness program. For some people who prefer to do more exercise over a longer period of time rather than short hour sessions are much better suited to these, especially as they can vary from full weeks to half a day sessions to give you a choice to suit your abilities, current fitness levels and goals. Revival Boot Camp have a fantastic offer to get you all back into the swing of it by offering £100 off any residential boot camp if booked before the 25th January. The sense of camaraderie that you tend to experience is also a great selling point as the encouragement that everyone provides can spur you on.


These top four fitness trends are well on their way to becoming the next big thing, so whether you are looking to lose any excess weight or simply want to stay healthy and tone up, why not try something different in 2014?



Author Bio:

This post was written by Ekta Mair for Revival Boot Camp who specialise in fitness and nutrition helping you to lead a healthier lifestyle.