Treating Pain Naturally: The Power of Therapeutic Yoga

Woman in Yoga Position


For tiredness, stress and ailments, we hurriedly self-medicate with high amounts of caffeine, a glass of wine and over-the-counter pain relievers. Instead of truly treating our mental conditions or physical problems at the core of the issue, we mask negative emotions and physical pain with quick, and usually unhealthy, fixes.

Rather than rely on medications to alleviate our various pains, instead resort to holistic approaches and alternatives that also support the global sustainability movement. Suffering from mental anguish, unbearable pain or a significant injury? Head to the yoga studio instead of the hospital. Instead of popping pills and burning through prescriptions, meditate and free yourself from pain through ancient yoga poses. The marriage of physical therapy and yoga is a natural healing solution for physical pain and tension.

Yoga for Natural Healing & Wellness

If you’re a slave to your computer, your desk, your commute and the formidable position of “seated,” then nagging pains and tension will be a common occurrence. From the office and home to our minds and bodies, we strive to adopt greener habits and more natural ways of living.

Yogi Rachel Krentzman tells Los Angeles Yoga Ayurveda and Health that a new attitude and Asana yoga helped her mind and body go “from injury to inquiry.” No stranger to yoga, Krentzman suffered a major herniated disc in her lower back because of overextension, tightness and restricted movement during her practices. Stress and lower back pain are inextricably linked.

Because of a lack of awareness and imbalance, Krentzman sustained an injury, yet eradicated her pain and fully healed with therapeutic yoga. She also tried Puma Yoga, which delves “deeper into the causes of injury and disease.” Lifestyle modifications, meditation and Asana yoga are natural, sustainable solutions for medicating pain and achieving true healing.

Pain-Alleviating Yoga Exercises

Embody Physical Therapy & Yoga is a type of treatment that focuses on improving your wellbeing and body through self-discovery and targeting the source of pain. Licensed physical therapists will help you realign the body and treat pain through positioned movement, yoga postures and proper breathing techniques. Adopt an at-home healing program by following Krentzman’s recommended exercises:

  • Postural Awareness & Breathing — Relieves neck tension through deep breathing while sitting upright on the edge of a chair.
  • “The Clock” (Pec Stretch) — Stretches shoulder and arm by moving your arm from 12 to 3 o’clock on the wall while holding and pulling the right rib cage with your left hand.
  • Arms Overhead With Strap — Relaxes neck muscles. Use a yoga strap and hold arms overhead at shoulder distance. Drop chin, pull apart the strap and take six deep breaths.
  • Downward Dog at the Wall — Opens the chest and lengthens the spine. Lean against a wall in a table-top position and place hands on the wall. Lift bottom into the air, melt your heart to the ground and breath deeply.

While you may not have a Puma Yoga studio or Embody Physical Therapy office in your neighborhood, any type of yoga can be beneficial for you. Find a studio near you to learn proper technique. You can even practice in your own home. Direct TV, available through Direct TV, offers the show “Power Yoga: Mind and Body”, which can give you some great tips as well.