Triumphalis Product Review


Triumphalis has an anabolic:androgenic ratio of 300:20, giving it a “Q factor” of 15 – similar to superdrol. It is has structural similarities to epistane, stanozolol, and furazabol. Julius Vida compared the active ingredient in Triumphalis with oxandrolone (anavar), methenolone (primobolan), stanozolol (winstrol) and norbolethone (“the Clear”)

– Enhances protein uptake and muscle tissue accretion
– Causes a positive nitrogen balance
– Is orally effective
– Has a strong dissociation of myotrophic and androgenic effects
– Does not aromatize
– Causes no progestinic effects or excess water retention

Recommended dosage: 2-3 Caps Daily with On Cycle Support. Follow with Post Cycle Therapy

Supplement Facts:
90 Capsules
3,3-azo-17a-methyl-5a-androstan-17b-ol 15MG

Week 1
• No visible gains
• Started to get hotter than usual during workouts. This is usual for me when using pro hormones.

Week 2
• Started to look fuller in and out of the gym.
• Increase in appetite, felt hungry every couple of hours.
• Near the end of the week I started to notice better recovery times and my strength increased near the end of the week dramatically.

Week 3
• Massive increase in strength.
• Broke nearly all my personal best.
• Started feeling hungry most of the time.
• Started to look more lean and defined while still gaining 6pound in body weight.
• Noticed a huge increase in focus and energy, I started to just block everything else around me and get on with my workout as well as having noticeable effects on my aggression, I felt more angry in a positive way that I could use the aggression to put more power in my sets.

Week 4
• Physique started to change dramatically. Muscles were bigger and fuller while having awesome vascularity due to the fat loss.
• Strength was increasing dramatically still went from personal best of 32kg dumbbell press to 40kg. And dumbbell bicep curls from 17.5kg to 22kg. Was very happy with the results.
• My body weight had increased by 10pounds, which is amazing as I have bin stuck at 10.9 stone for a long time.
• Started my pct start of this week.

Week 5
• Weight had increased by 1stone 2 pounds by end of this week!
• My body shape had totally change and I looked so much more ripped and pumped in and out of the gym.
• I was trying new foods which I would of never done before. My appetite increase was amazing.
• Strength gains was still increasing slowly.

Side effects
I never really got any negative side effects. At worst I got back pumps a bit more frequent and got very hot in the gym. But when it comes to your normal pro hormone side effects I got no estrogen problems and no bad skin.

Final thought
All together I was amazed by how strong and effective Triumphalis was for me. Over the five weeks I changed my whole body shape and was repping weights I wouldn’t of even thought about doing before. My main benefit for me was the huge appetite increase. As I always hit a wall at around 11 stone, but a week after my cycle and I was above 12 stone. I was trying more foods that’s not normally like me. The focus and aggression was amazing, in the gym I would walk in smash the routine and go, no talking or over resting. I’m very glad I tried Triumphalis and would definitely use it again in the future. I truly recommend this if your wanting to getting a strong effect from a pro-hormone with out worrying about getting any unwanted side effect other pro-hormones come with.