Troll Challenges An MMA Fighter After Saying “MMA Doesn’t Work” And Get’s KO’D (Video)

Guy says MMA doesn’t work – challenges fighter! Claiming his TKD, Boxing, Aikido, and Shootfighting blend can beat an MMA fighter in MMA, this guy watches a class and then challenges a fighter on the spot.

So this guy drops in and watches my Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu class and he tells me that the art does not work and that his TKD, Boxing, Akido, shootfighting blend can defeat Jiu-Jitsu/MMA in a REAL Streetfight. It irritated me to say the least but I blew him off and he left the school. He then proceeded to call my wife and I challenging me to a match numerous times for about 6 weeks. I declined, but then he started telling people in town I was afraid of him and even went and challenged my 54 year old Thai Boxing instructor. The next time he called I accepted his challenge and this is a video of the 2 matches.

The first match I get him with a triangle choke. The second match you have to watch to see. Please note that my left foot is broken and that is why I did not throw any kicks with it. Enjoy.

via Luling Mixed Martial Arts – King Webb