Trying to quit smoking? Try these steps

Life is beautiful. Quit smoking now to get more of your life. Here are some simple few steps to follow on quitting smoking cigars and cigarettes.

If you are a person who has been trying to stop smoking during past few months and haven’t succeeded that task, this article would be useful to win that aspire.

As you are aware, smoking creates health issues on the long run. Recent researchers have found even smoking one cigarette per day would create health issues. Smoking one cigarette per day would damage arteries and cause heart diseases or strokes. Cigarettes contain nearly 4000 chemical compounds and 400 lethal substances. These are some of the main harmful toxins in cigarettes.

  • Carcinogen – This is a substance that is capable of creating cancer in human
  • Nicotine –    This would increase the cholesterol level of your body.
  • Carbon monoxide – This reduces the oxygen flow of your body and creates lung diseases.

As a smoker these are the rewards that you will be earning for your health. So it is advisable to keep a full stop for your daily smoking routine. If you are really keen about quitting smoking, below tips would be useful to succeed your thought.

Motivate yourself: Keep the thought of quitting smoking hardly in your mind. Paste some motivational quotes which help to quit smoking in the locations that you spend more time. Whenever you look at them it will motivate you to stop smoking.

Stay away from smoke addicts: When you move with smokers, it makes you to feel like smoking more. If you have the habit of hanging with your friends and smoking during weekends or during special occasions, then you will have to stop this habit. If you follow the same process, you will fall back to start smoking without your notice.

Engage yourself in a different activity: Instead of smoking you can engage yourself in gaming, listening to music, dancing or any other activities that you are interested in. This will take away your concentration from smoking.

Don’t quit at once: Do not try stop smoking immediately. At the beginning you can smoke once or twice a day. In the same way try to reduce it step by step. When you follow this routine, it will make easier to stop smoking permanently.

These are some effective and useful tips that help you to stop smoking. Remember whenever you smoke you are reaching the death. So keep a full stop for your smoking habit and spend a risk free healthy life.


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