Undefeated High School Wrestler Lets Opponent With Special Needs Win (Video)

This is a video of what a team captain and leader looks like. Devin Schuko, a senior with a 27-0 record this year, a young man who earned his 100th career win a few days ago to join the century club at NHS, took the time to make a dream come true for young wrestler with special needs from Dighton Rehoboth’s team. So proud to have witnessed this. Truly a special young man.. Thank you Schuko!

Posted by Anthony Pucino on Sunday, January 24, 2016

Norton High School’s wrestling team captain, Deven Schuko, is a “class act” as his coach, Pat Coleman, called him. Andy Howland, a Down-syndrome wrestler for Dighton-Rehoboth High School, wanted to wrestle Schuko and the undefeated captain took him up on the offer.

The match ended with Schuko’s first loss of the season. Anthony Pucino posted the video and noted how Schuko “took the time to make a dream come true for a young wrestler with special needs.”

“He threw in a good move,” Schuko told WCVB 5. “He was strong. He’s a tough kid.” When Coach Coleman spoke of the match and his wrestler, he did so with pride: “Deven has a natural respect for any wrestler, such as Andy, and I think Deven just proved there that it’s never wrong to do the right thing. If I had to lose to someone, I’d like to lose to Andy, It was a win-win in my book. He won, I won,” Schuko added.