Understanding the Importance of Health Education to People’s Lives




Health education is very important to the public. It can teach people many ways on how to improve their health and be aware of what’s going on in their environment that contributes to many health problems. This can involve one or two individuals or the entire population of the many countries all over the world. Any act or activity that threatens serious physical, spirituals and mental health problems to wide range individuals can be considered as a danger to the health of the community. This is the reason why health education for the public is very important.


How Health Education Can Help

  1. 1.     Help people learn preventative measures on how to stop many communicable diseases to spread – People can have better access on helpful information that will teach them general prevention of illnesses and give them knowledge on how to act and what to do when epidemics occur. Many diseases have their own specific prevention methods that people may not be aware of; with health education they can earn how to employ these techniques in their lives to reduce the risk of possible infection. Public education teaches even simple learning like wearing a mask when flu affects the community and how to take the right vaccines for the prevention of a particular illness that is prevalent are proven to be an effective ways of reducing the number of people affected.


  1. 2.     Access Institutions to Get Medical Help From – Many people will know how to get an access to public or private medical institutions that will help them prevent medical conditions and treat various diseases effectively. Some people believed that they are healthy enough that they no longer need to go to a doctor for general check-up and later found out they have life threatening disease. This is because they are lack of health education. This is often observed in many remote areas where access to medical facilities is scarce. One of the most important things that a person can learn in health education is the necessity o going to the doctor for a regular check-up. During a flu season many medical professionals are going around the community to provide immunizations and vaccinations to the public as well as health education to ensure that many people would know how to find the right treatment if afflicted and avail for the medical facilities and medicines for treatment. This is an awareness campaign hold by various hospitals to minimize the number of sick individuals.


  1. 3.     Health education teaches people on how to live healthy and prevent any disease to spread among members of their family – Health education covers ways to keep the house clean, quitting smoking, doing a regular exercise are different ways that people can learn in health education


  1. 4.     People will have more knowledge about a particular disease and do not on what is known as public perception about it – Health education also gives people the right information about the disease and eliminates the fallacies and myths about it that the society believes. One good example is the HIV virus, while many thought that it can be transmitted through touching and kissing, medical science teaches people that this disease can be transmitted only through unprotected sex.


  1. 5.     With health education will learn how to contribute to the community in their health program – It is not only about giving information to people and let them learn these things but it will also teach them how to serve those who are affected.

Health education changes the views of many people and promotes compassion rather than discrimination. Participating in many awareness programs held by medical institutions and nonprofit organizations can guide you in maintaining your health and become a better person.



Author bio:

Ashley Copple is a health aide and community volunteer. She has been working with popular public servant Sharon Younkin. She dreams of becoming full time in his community service.