Untapped Supplement Product Review

UNTAPPED supplement product review

The field of nutritional supplements for body building is crowded with products that claim to increase muscle mass, enhance strength, and speed up muscle development. While there is research out there to support some of these claims, most of the supplements currently on the market are comprised of ingredients that work on the musculoskeletal side of the equation, while downplaying or neglecting altogether the importance of the central nervous system and its nutritional requirements in creating genuine gains in strength, endurance, and overall physicality.

That imbalance may have been remedied by a new product, Untapped, which claims to be a more complete approach to the art and science of body building, aided by nutritional supplementation. Among the purported benefits are reduced sensitivity to pain, accelerated reaction time, augmented anti-inflammatory effects, and improved mobilization of fat – one of the body’s prime sources of fuel.

Untapped Overview

UNTAPPED Pre-workout Supplement

Much of the effectiveness of the product, is focused with the management of the body’s central nervous system, or CNS. In its natural state, the CNS is said to be something of a governor that sets a speed limit on the time it takes for muscles to communicate. By overriding that “speed limit,” muscles can react more quickly. As the theory goes, this CNS override capability, along with pain reduction, anti-inflammatory action, and fat mobilization, permits for more rapid gains in strength, speed, and especially in endurance. All are enhancements that benefit not only bodybuilders, but other athletes as well.

Untapped Supplement full review and everything you need to know about.

The primary active ingredient in Untapped is octacosanol, a chemical found in plants like sugar cane and wheat germ, which among other things, appears to affect the way the body utilizes oxygen. In addition to a wide range of studies showing increased performance in animal subjects, initial human studies support Octacosanol’s potential as a performance enhancer. An unsponsored, university study demonstrated a statistically significant acceleration of reaction time with Octacosanol supplementation. Another study examining the effects of Octacosanol on military operations at high altitude determined Octacosanol improved both work capacity and oxygen saturation in human subjects. It has also been looked at as a possible treatment for certain maladies, such as Lou Gehrig’s disease and Parkinsonism – both are conditions that involve the CNS.

In one laboratory study, octacosanol was compared with a placebo for effectiveness in enhancing performance. In the published study, which lasted approximately one month, rats that received an octacosanol-supplemented diet were able to run 46% longer before reaching exhaustion than rats that received the placebo. The conclusion was that the supplemented rats apparently developed an increased ability to utilize oxygen for exercise, along with an enhanced ability to prevent muscle breakdown.

Additonal Ingredients

  • Beta Alanine
    On UNTAPPED, muscles are capable of more than ever before. Normally, this kind of increased muscular work would produce loads of lactic acid– a normal by-product of hard work that eventually drags athletes back down to earth. We included Beta Alanine with this in mind. Beta Alanine has been shown to insulate and protect muscles from increases in acidity, sustaining explosive strength and increasing endurance during intense training. Beta Alanine and Octacosanol combine beautifully, as Octacosanol has anti-inflammatory and antinociceptive (pain dulling) properties. Beta Alanine keeps athletes going longer, period, via a completely independent mechanism– but one that enhances the effects of Octacosanol, and every other ingredient in UNTAPPED. Each element was chosen to work seamlessly together. Teamwork is a beautiful thing.
  • Caffeine Anhydrous and Guaranine
    We’ve added a bit of Caffeine Anhydrous– just enough to kick start things, less than a solid cup of coffee. Sharp, not jittery. Caffeine Anhydrous in UNTAPPED works synergistically with a carefully measured dose of Guaranine– while chemically similar to caffeine, Guaranine breaks down more gradually in the body. This makes the transition up and down smooth and consistent: no crashes here. By the way, Caffeine Anhydrous was not chosen merely to get people moving: Anhydrous has been shown to increase explosive strength and decrease sensitivity to pain. No joke. There’s even research to suggest men taking caffeine anhydrous last longer in bed. (Hey, how you choose to use the boost from UNTAPPED is your business. No judgment here.)
  • Asian Ginseng
    At S3Labs, we are perfectionists and couldn’t rest until we crammed in as much performance as conceivably possible, so we took it a step further, and souped up its already race-ready engine with Ginseng. Ginseng is one of the most highly studied supplements in existence. Ginseng improves work capacity and muscular oxygen utilization by lowering heart rate, lactate levels (fist bump to comrade Beta Alanine), and rate of perceived exertion. In addition to its support of Beta Alanine’s war on Lactic Acid, Ginseng’s positive effects are enhanced when combined with Caffeine Anhydrous. S3Labs takes the art and science of supplement design seriously. Other benefits of Ginseng include: increased oxygen uptake, improved post exercise recovery (bring on round two!), improved reaction time and perception, increases in muscular strength, decreased creatine kinase leakage, and increased nitrous oxide levels. UNTAPPED covers performance from every angle.
  • Cyanocobalamin and Pantothenic Acid
    Rounding out UNTAPPED are two key B Vitamins: Cyanocobalamin, better known as Vitamin B12, brings a wide range of benefits – from increasing the health of red blood cells—critical for transferring oxygen to fuel muscle—to converting amino acids in your body into new proteins and elevating the body’s metabolic rate. With a shot of B12, UNTAPPED unleashes energy and burns higher levels of fat even after training sessions. Pantothenic Acid, or B5, is vital for athletes. It is an integral part of the chemical process for creating fuel for the body from carbohydrates, proteins, and fats—waste not. It’s also a key part of the synthesis process for hormones and neurotransmitters.

Product Review

I must confess that I was skeptical when I first heard about Untapped, but I was happily proven wrong. This product definitely gave me more energy and stamina. Unlike other pre-workouts that get give you jitters, Untapped gave me a smooth rush of energy and focus. This product drove me to really push myself and set new personal bests, usually I would just play it safe and stick with steady weights but nope I just wanted to go all out!

Upon waking up, I would take one pill in the morning and three right before hitting the gym. About 15 minutes into my workout I felt the tingles from the beta alanine in the formula kicking in, the focus of the caffeine helped too but the formula wasn’t so high that it made me feel anxious. No shakes or jitters or rapid skips of my heart beat or racing heart rate! I would feel a slow onset of a rush and can tell my blood flow has increased but that was it. No post workout crash as well, instead I felt my metabolism was still raised about 3-4 hours after training. There is also no cycling or using it for a month and then not using for another month needed with the product. Overall I thought Untapped was a good product and could help you give you that extra energy and edge during your workout. The difference I felt after 3 weeks of taking it was amazing. I’m definitely going to keep using.

If you would like to order a bottle you can head over to www.UntappedSupplement.com