Unwritten Gym Rules To Follow!

curling in the squat rack


Gym is not only for bodybuilding but also to shedding weight and becoming more fit and healthy. It is a place to gather motivation and develop mental concentration power. The time has come to throw away the false concept that gym is only about bodybuilding. A good gym will definitely inspire people to develop on their mental strength. The body is an institution that comprises of different muscles and parts of the body. Gym is the place that takes proper care of each of these body parts and makes them stronger and fitter. There are certain rules to follow in the gym. And then, there are also several unwritten rules that can be followed during the gym session. These unwritten rules can be extremely beneficial in motivating the mind as well providing a fine start to the workout session.

What is your goal when you hit the gym? Is it to develop muscles as hard and chiseled as the granite slabs? Or is it to become lean but fitter? What is it? Is gym only for strength development? The answer to last question is definitely YES. Gym sessions definitely help in strengthening the mind and body. It helps in improving the agility level of the body while developing on the stamina. Following the unwritten gym rules can be highly beneficial for every one of those who visit the gym for body development purpose. Have a look:

1. Stripping the Bar 

This is very simple a workout to follow. Before starting with any lift, it is always better to start off with the clean bar. Yes, most of the gym attendees feel the same.

2. Stepping away from the rack 

Almost ninety percent times it can be seen that the dumbbell rack is present just in front of the mirror. So, always be extra cautious when picking up a pair. Take half step backwards and start with the lifting process. After grabbing the equipment, move away from the rack and make way for the others. Also, pull back the bench slightly away from the rack to prevent any sudden collision with the weights.

3. Say no to Hording

Super sets & giant sets are always great option but engaging multiple machines is inappropriate for a gym where others are also waiting for their turn. Yes, multi set exercises can be done when the gym is vacant or less crowded. When using numerous sets of dumbbells, try working out fast and then re-rack them as soon the set gets over.

4. Sharing is necessary 

Try to be compromising when working out in a very crowded gym. Share the equipment when in between sets with the other person. It is not a good practice to engage an instrument for long time. No, don’t do so.

5. Stay away from walking lunges 

Don’t use the gym interior walkway for walking lunges. If there is a strong urge for walking lunge, then take the instrument to the outside lawn or yoga studio for doing the workout.

6. Say no to cellphone use

This is a strict no-no. Ringing the mobile phone within gym premise can cause serious loss to the concentration level. Many people talk over the cellphone within the gym for hours. This cause a distraction the other members. So, turn the mobile phone switched off and then enter the gym.


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