Uphill Interval Annihilation! Treadmill (Video)


Some might find this treadmill exercise routine a bit silly but  if Scott Herman Fitness says its effective, then it is. On a side note, check out this funny comment that someone posted on the YouTube video lol…




Here’s Scott Herman’s explanation of this treadmill routine:

What’s the point of a treadmill if you are just going to run in one direction? I am going to teach you how to utilize a treadmill to burn MORE calories and cut your workout time IN HALF! Uphill Interval Annihilation! Treadmill

Getting fit utilizing a treadmill has never been easier! Just because you are not outside doesn’t mean you can’t incorporate some amazing dynamic exercises to help you burn that unwanted fat! Pace yourself during each exercise, especially if you have never run on a treadmill with the incline maxed out before. Be sure to keep track of you speed for each exercise so you can push yourself harder the next time to do this routine!

(0:24)- Routine Sets & Reps
(1:33)- Warm-Up
(1:46)- Mountain Climber (1 minute)
(2:02)- Incline Run (2 minutes)
(2:14)- Ab Wheel Walk (1 minute)
(2:30)- Incline Run (2 minutes)
(2:47)- Side Shuffle (30 seconds per side)
(3:08)- Incline Run (2 minutes)

• Challenge yourself with the MPH. Go as fast as you can while still maintaining control during each exercise. Push yourself to the limit!
• Keep the treadmill on the MAX incline

via Scott Herman Fitness