Using Full and Partial Reps To Stimulate Muscle Growth


To encourage new muscle growth, it is important to vary each workout from week to week. This is because the body quickly becomes accustomed to the same old exercises and number of reps. If you are using the same methods every week, eventually the body will hit a wall and stop developing. It is good practice to use different exercises and change the number of reps. This keeps the body guessing and the muscles burning. It will also keep the training intense, enjoyable and your motivation levels high.

Introducing partial range reps into your workout alongside full range of motion reps, can increase your training options and mix things up even further. Using sets that incorporate a combination of full and partial reps is a great way to stimulate muscle growth. The addition of a partial rep after/before a full range rep, keeps certain parts of the muscle group under tension for longer periods. This fatigues the muscle fibres in a different way and takes the standard exercise to a whole new dimension.

The two most popular variations of the partial rep are half reps and quarter reps. Full and partial reps are particularly effective with any pressing or curling exercise. However, they are also popular with squats and deadlifts. This exercise will give a fantastic pump compared to the normal exercise. It will also assist in overcoming any sticking points or plateaus. As always, form should be strict and controlled with a slight pause after every contraction.

The number of sets should be 3 to 4 but the number of target reps is down to personal preference. This offers up even more opportunities for variation. Most people will add more weight after each set or keep the same weight but increase the number of reps. In short, increase the workload or keep the muscle under tension for longer. In addition, there is also the option of using just the one set to failure. This is particularly effective as a good finisher to your training session.

Full and partial reps used together, will increase your options where varying your workout is concerned. However, they are also highly effective at increasing strength and overcoming weak areas. The combination of a full and partial range of motion gives a pump like no other. It is important to remember that partial reps should be used sparingly and certainly not on every exercise or in every single workout. It is a tool to keep in your locker and use on an occasional basis to stimulate muscle growth.


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