Using Natural Measures To Improve Testosterone Levels In The Body

Using Natural Measures To Improve Testosterone Levels In The Body 1

In order to get a healthy body with free-flowing testosterone for increased energy levels. You do not need to take artificial help. You can allow your body to do it naturally using the following measures.

Losing Weight:

One of the most effective ways to increase the levels of testosterone in the body is through effective weight loss. For this, you must constrict the processed sugar consumption in the body since it is ‘sugar’ that leads to various health related issues, especially obesity. Try to reduce soda content along with fructose and other forms of sugar found in processed food items like sweeteners or fruit juices.

Depending on your choice of food habits, you will be able to successfully lose weight to achieve a physically fit body. Implementing high-intensity based exercises that are ‘short-burst type’ at least three times in a week in combination with a fitness plan will act as additional boon to your weight loss through testosterone increase program.

Zinc for Food:

Food is the main source for zinc in your body. You can include food items that are filled with protein including fish and meat while other sources include raw cheese, raw milk, kefir (through raw milk), yogurt and beans. For veggies or those that consume meat, it is a tough problem to include zinc in their diet owing to the changes in farming methods where more pesticides and chemical fertilizers are used in agriculture. Such chemicals cause depletion of the nutrient level including zinc.

And if you are planning on going on zinc supplementary diet, keep to 40 mg of daily consumption of zinc since this is the ‘upper limit’ recommended for adults. Excessive zinc consumption can prevent absorption of other minerals like copper or lead to side effects such as nausea.

Incorporating Strength Training:

You can consider ‘strength training’ for boosting the levels of testosterone in your body and you must take it seriously for effective results. While following a routine for ‘strength training’, you will first try to lower the ‘reps’ number and increase the count of weight, following which you will need to exercise for muscle development through squats or dead lifts.

If you slower the process, you will achieve faster and more effective results. The intensity of your workout automatically goes high with your movements slowing down. And with ‘super slow’ movement your muscles will be able to access as many cross-bridges as possible that are located within the ‘protein filaments’ and function to induce muscle movement.

Sugar Riddance from Diet:

For your information, the levels of testosterone in your body depletes with every cup cake or cookie that your consume. Sugar in any form can lead to increased level of insulin, bringing down the testosterone count in your body.

You will however, have to control the emotional or physical impact that your body has to undergo. The results of giving up on sugar or keeping it under strict control are impressive. Try to remove fructose or sugar based food items from your diet which includes pasta and bread- effective control will definitely bring in results that will show.


You do not always need artificial interference for producing hormones. The discussion above clearly cites that you can make use of natural methods to get a more physically fit body with increased testosterone levels.



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