Using The Arnold “Arm Blaster” For Bicep Gains!



One of Arnold Schwarzenegger favorite exercises was using the EZ curl bar dumbbell with the arm blaster. An arm blaster is a harness that you slide over your neck and those hands over your shoulders.

It primarily prevents your arms from moving and puts the elbows firmly in place. It simply isolates the biceps and will force your biceps to work harder arms in position s you curl. It prevents excessive swinging and allows all the stimulation to be place don the bicep muscles. More isolation usually means more intensity and the higher the intensity the higher the potential growth in your arms.


Bulk up your biceps each time you grab a workout bar with the Body Solid Bicep Bomber. Consisting of a webbed nylon belt, a thick, oversized neoprene neck pad, and dense elbow pads, the Bicep Bomber isolates your arms and shoulders while you perform dumbbell or barbell curls. As a result, your back and elbows stay locked in the perfect curling position, resulting in an efficient, ergonomically correct bicep workout. And don’t worry about piling on the weight, as the nylon belt handles up to 1,000 pounds.