USP Labs Jack3d vs Cellucor C4



Ive been weight training for about 8 wks now, two slipped discs meant 6 months off training for me. I train early mornings about 630ish I do a 5 day split, and need a kick that early on. Regular caffeine doesn’t do it for me and I don’t want high carbs so I looked for a PWO to try. My local supp shop recommended Jack3d with 1, 3 Dimeth in it.

Initial trial. Lemon and lime.

I went straight for 2 scoops,

Taste: disgusting but it’s only a small amount to neck back so not too bothered about the taste.

Reaction: felt nothing for 45 minutes, went to the gym, started to feel a little rushy, jittery, hearing went a bit funny, like I was in a tunnel, this tunnel was directing me to my next lift. There was no tingles at all. I began to feel wired but maybe too much. not easy talking to people, just put head down and pushed on.

Focus: started off good, but I’d lose focus in between sets, like my mind was drifting with the buzz, I didn’t quite feel in the now.

energy: heart rate was definitely up, sweat not too bad, energy was good, pain threshold raised, after an hour session I was done. I had nothing left but I don’t usually leave anything in the tank.

Side affects: when u push real hard say on your last rep it can make you feel dizzy, you stand up and feel all over the place, this makes you lose focus. After gym came home crashed, slept for two hours, groggy rest of day, felt like doing nothing, a but snappy at my other half. that night terrible sleep woke at 1 am, 3am then 5 am, although strangely I felt wide awake at 6 am. No cramping, or runs to the bathroom. Eye twitches half way through gym session.

Pump: not muh to be found here.

After 3 weeks, I now take a scoop and a half, still I get no tingles from this product, the buzz is far less, I feel it is still giving me an edge in the morning and definately makes me feel awake and ready to tackle the gym. the days I take it I still have poor sleep that night, although melatonin has put an end to that. It still gives a good workout, focus is better with low dose, and energy seems more direct. Still get a bit dizzy but not as bad.

I tried doing an hour high intensity cardio circuits session. I took a scoop and a half and I can say this product performed really bad, heart rate too high, complete lack of focus, felt totally whacked and my running was way off the pace, keep it to lifts.

Decided to give C4 extreme a try. First time today, chest and bicep workout.
Flavour : fruit punch,

Taste: better than Jack3d lemon. In fact it was quite nice. Mixed better too and no sediment.

Reaction: 1 level scoop. Took on way to the gym, in 15 minutes my ears started to itch, I thought hey that’s annoying but maybe something is starting to work.
Got into the gym an felt alert an ready for a big session. I didn’t feel wired or any neg affects like my first trial of Jack3d.

Energy: definately a buzz working as half way in my jaw was buzzing a little. The energy felt controlled, nothing huge about right. My mind felt clear and alert, and I had had good drive, rest times became an issue as I just wanted to skip them and bang out another set. with Jack3d I preferred to gaze into the abyss on rests. Jack3d has more mental affects I think and that can be good for numbing the senses and pushing through another rep, C4 your mind is clear and has drive but the pain of one last rep is also very clear. Horses for courses I think.

Pump: I felt a really good pump on C4 something I wasn’t expecting after a poor pump with the only other PWO I’ve tried, Jack3d.

Affects: no negs so far, came home a felt really good after a hard session, not tired or lack of focus to do work, much better mood to. it will be interesting to see if it affects my sleep, although Jack3d surprised me taking it that early on in the day. no WC stops in gym with this. eye twitches did happen half way through gym session.

Thoughts: def going to stick with C4, seems to have less neg affects than Jack3d, I’m not interested in a pump but that is a plus. I Still feel pumped now. 1 scoop felt right but I may see what 1 1/2 scoop and two scoop is like to compare.

I’m still getting really good gains as I’ve only started training 8 wks ago so I can’t say the gains are down to Jack3d.

Both products feel very different, Jack3d feels a bit like training on a legal high, C4 early days but feels far less mental, more physical.


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