Warrior Chest Routine

Warrior Chest Routine. The ultimate guide to building the perfect chest muscles.

When I first started lifting seriously about year and a half ago, I striven most for having a Greek god-like chest. I did not see much gains in my chest at all to start, but after experimenting with various routines and exercises, I finally found what worked best.

After following this routine for not a very long period, I started seeing a lot of improvement in the pecs. For those of you trying to construct a really good looking chest, but are struggling, I highly recommend this routine. It has worked wonders for me and I hope it does for you too.

Flat Bench:

1×10, 1×8, 1×6, 1×4, 1×2 (pyramid up in weight)

The flat bench is an exercise you must have in your chest routine. It provides the most basic chest movement, and is the most essential exercise in building up the chest. Pyramiding up in weights will really help you push yourself to the limit, as heavy chest training has historically produced the best results. The key here is that you want to struggle the last rep of each set. If you do 10 reps easily and move on it will not be as effective. Experiment and see what weights you need to make you struggle the last rep on each set!

Incline Bench:


A great exercise to develop the upper chest area, and also hit the shoulders. Though this is not as essential to include in your routine as flat bench is, I highly recommend adding this exercise when training the chest.

Weighted Dips:


This is an absolutely wonderful exercise, not only for the chest, but for the whole body. ESSENTIAL. Will help develop the inner chest (which most people lack) and aid in attaining the fuller chest look. Will also hit the triceps very effectively. If you cannot do this weighted, try without weights. IF you cannot do it at all, replace this exercise with decline bench.



Really a forgotten exercise for the pecs, the pullover is once again great for hitting that inner chest area. Though not as effective as dips, adding this while still having dips in your routine will definitely help in the process of developing the Greek god chest you always wanted.

Cable/Dumbbell Flys:


Though not my favorite chest exercise, these are good to throw in at the end of a chest routine, and get a good pump before the workout is over. I do recommend doing flys to finish off your chest workouts, but if there’s one exercise out of the listed that you’re going to skip, let it be the flys.

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Author Bio:

Name: Davit Torosyan
Age: 20
Occupation: Student

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