Warrior Greens Product Review

Warrior Greens Product Review

Here is my review of Warrior Greens, the the ultimate phytonutrient super-food blend! When I first saw warrior greens, I couldn’t believe someone had finally made the supplement of my dreams. I’m not really into my greens to be honest. So to have such a brilliant mixture with multiple benefits is an amazing idea. Now their is no excuse for not getting your daily greens intake.

Greens supplementation has become increasingly popular over the last few years, as athletes strive not only to optimise external performance, but to improve overall health, wellness and vitality! Greens supplements are designed to support health and overall quality of life. They are perfect for anyone with less than a perfect diet, and especially for people who don’t get enough servings of fruits and vegetables every day. Warrior Greens is packed with effective dosages of the most powerful Green ingredients available.

We chose only 100% organic active ingredients – you’re taking Warrior Greens to help optimise health, and we believe organic sources for these ingredients will be better for you, even if they cost a little more, so that’s what we included. We have included only the BEST quality ingredients in Warrior Greens, just like we do in every supplement from Warrior.

What are the benefits of taking Warrior Greens?

The list of benefits from taking Greens supplements is almost endless – so much so that many UFC fighters and Cross Fit athletes consider such supplements staples in their diet. Green supplements (and specifically ingredients like Wheat Grass, Alfalfa and the other compounds within Warrior Greens) have been claimed to help with everything from improved sleep to greater firtility. For the athlete however, the main benefits you should notice are:

  • Increase energy support

  • Support healthy stress regulation

  • Help detoxify and cleanse the body

  • Support healthy sleep

  • Balance body pH levels

  • Promote healthy aging

  • Allow your body to function at an advanced level


Organic alfalfa powder- 809mg
Organic spirulina powder- 809mg
Organic wheat grass powder- 809mg
Organic barley grass powder- 539mg
Organic chlorella powder- 513mg

Ingredient Benefits:
Organic alfalfa powder – Contains high levels of the B complex vitamins, plus a,c,d,e.k and biotin. Overall it has a high nutritional value.
Organic spirullina powder – Contains lots of amino acids, Carotenoids, B-12 and minerals.
Organic wheat grass powder – Has so many natural health benefits and has is a powerful detoxifier and liver protector.
Organic barley grass powder – Rich in calcium, B1, B12 and vitamin c. Also contains corrotene.
Organic chlorella powder – High in fibre, protein, iron and potassium. All with there own health benefits.

You would think all blended greens would taste horrible, but you would be pleasantly surprised. I will admit when mixed up, it doesn’t look like it would taste good. But they have put orange tasters in it and although it is a dark green color it actually tastes of orange with a tangy hint. A big bonus for me.

Mixture side if it is second to none, mixes clump free with even just a fork. So like many new products hitting the market it makes it easier and more convenient to have anytime during the day.

I can’t state actual individual benefits as it’s not that sort of supplement but after using it for a month. But I can honestly say I felt more healthy and just a bit more alert. I also noticed a slight improvement in my sleep patterns.

The main benefit for me in this product is that at least I know for sure I’m getting the benefits needed for green nutrition even though I don’t eat vegetables. And I know I’m not alone out there so I think this will be a well known supplement everyone has on the shelf for when needed.

Final Thought

Greens supplementation has become increasingly popular over the last few years, as athletes strive not only to optimize external performance, but to improve overall health, wellness and vitality! I truely recommend this product to any one who needs to get green vitamins into their diet, or even just want to increase their intake of healthy super foods.