Watch This Banned Protein Shake TV Ad (LOL)

For Goodness Shakes makes protein based drinks, they recently produced a viral commercial that exploded all over the internet due to the masturbation innuendo controversy behind the ad. The commercial was originally made for television, but folks at the ASA (Advertising Standards Association) pulled it off the air waves.

A tongue-in-cheek viral ad for a protein shake that featured men who appeared to be masturbating has been banned.The ad, for sports drink For Goodness Shakes, was embedded in a marketing email. The email asked the question “What’s going on here?”, followed by the video, which showed the upper bodies of men who appeared to be masturbating in public places. At the end of the video it was revealed that it was a protein drink being shaken, and the line “We shake for you … the protein shake without the shaker.”

The Advertising Standards Authority investigated the ad after a complaint that it was likely to cause serious or widespread offence. The shake’s maker, My Goodness, said that its protein powders required “vigorous and constant shaking” to turn them into smooth shakes.The company said that the video was a humorous take that used the old comedy technique of “it isn’t what you think it is”. It added that the video had not been advertised using general broadcast media, such as TV, so it was unlikely to have been seen outside the target market of “sports-interested adult males” who would relate to the video.

via The Guardian