Way To Eliminate Sugar From Your Diet



Sugar is a silent killer, it not only harmful for diabetic people, it’s also harmful for everyone. The main reason of eliminating sugar from your diet is – it simply adds calories in your food. As we know the extra calories converted into fat and as a result of this, you’ll gain weight along with several health issues – like type-2 diabetes, high blood pressure, heart irregularity and many others… that is why, it is recommended that, we must restrict sugar in our diet, because our body gather glucose from our meal. Usually, human body gathers glucose from carbohydrates like – bread, pasta, rice and other form of carbohydrates. However, here are some techniques that can help you to restrict sugar in your diet –


Stop Sweet Dishes: sweet dishes like – cake, pastry and other confectionery products like cookies, Brittle etc…additionally, ice cream, cold drinks and soft drinks also contains sugar. So, it is a better idea to eliminate them.

Read Labels: it is recommended that, before buying any processed food, semi processed food, canned fruits and sauces read their labels carefully. Check whether how much sugar contains that specific product. Alternatively, check whether a sugar free version can be available or not.

Stop Adding Sugar In Your Food: it is very common that, when we prepare food at home, we use lots of sugar, no matter whether it is a sweet dish or a traditional dish. It is a good idea to eliminate sugar from your kitchen and try something artificial sweeteners. However, it is also recommended, if possible, completely avoid artificial sweeteners as well as sugar.

Use Natural Sweetener: natural sweeteners like – honey is the great alternative of sugar. However, before buying honey, it is important that whether the honey is real or not! Because many manufacturers use sugar and artificial color in their products! So, before buying – make sure that, the honey is organic and don not contains any sugar/artificial sweeteners, preservatives or any other chemicals.

Eliminate Condiments: condiments are different form of sauce, chutneys, Achar, Raita, barbeque sauce, ketchup and various dressings that contains sugar. Usually, all of them contain high volume of sugar and when you eat them, the added sugar simply adds more calories to you!


However, the best way to eliminating sugar from your diet is – watch your diet. Soda, ice cream, cold drink also some alcoholic beverages also contain sugar! So, beware of the and simply eliminate them and replace with vegetable/fruit juice, green tea and other alternatives. They not only improve your workout efforts but also add essential elements like – vitamins and minerals in your body.

Finally, carbohydrate and fat-rich foods like – sweet bread, and peanut butter also contains high volume of sugar. That is why, instead of them, try sugar free, salt based peanut butter and plain bread/brown bread to reduce sugar from your meal.