Ways Of Substituting Cooking Fats With Greek Yogurt


Greek yogurt can be used for more than just a breakfast food; it also makes a healthy fat substitution in different recipes. Skip the oil, butter, and heavy cream, and replace it with more calcium, protein, and probiotics with these easy swaps!

  1. Sour cream: Replace sour cream with Greek yogurt, and most people won’t even be able to tell the difference. Use it on top of baked potatoes or serve alongside Mexican fare; you can also use yogurt as a sour-cream substitute when making chip or veggie dips.
  2. Baked goods: Ditch the eggs and oil in store-bought cake or muffin mixes by substituting one cup of yogurt and one cup of water. Yogurt keeps cake from tasting overly sweet while also giving it a more dense and homemade feel. Instead of making cream cheese frosting, make Greek yogurt frosting; the ratio of Greek yogurt to cream cheese is 1:1.
  3. Heavy cream or milk: In stove-top dishes that call for dairy like mashed potatoes, curries, soups, or pasta, use yogurt. (Or add yogurt to any sauce-based dish that you’d like to make rich and creamy.) To avoid curdling, stir in the yogurt once the dish has been taken off the heat, then gradually reheat if necessary.
  4. Mayonnaise: Skip the oil-based mayo in tuna, macaroni, and potato salads; same goes for salad dressings like Caesar, Russian, or ranch: just use a 1:1 ratio. The tang that yogurt brings these recipes is even tastier than mayo.




via Fitsugar