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One of the most simultaneously important and difficult parts about losing weight is staying motivated. The first few days of a new exercise routine can seem very invigorating and exciting, but as repetition begins to set in people may find it difficult to keep up the pace. The problems become worse if you’re a person who does a lot of traveling either for business or for pleasure. So long as you keep a few key things in mind and bring along a few helpful items while you’re traveling, you can do your best to stay as motivated as possible and lose all the weight you want while you’re on the road.


A large part of the problem when losing weight is constantly seeing food that you’d like to eat. When you’re on the road, bring along various distractions that will help you keep food off your mind between meals. If you’ve got a mobile smart phone like an iPad or a tablet device, for example, bring along videos to watch to help keep your mind focused elsewhere. You can also keep a laptop nearby to always queue up videos when you’re feeling tempted. Watch exercise videos for both educational purposes and for training and fitness purposes to help keep your weight centric goals in focus.

Additionally, remember that just because you don’t have access to an Internet connection doesn’t mean you can’t watch videos whenever you’d like. You can download videos from YouTube using software like YTD Video Converter to download videos to your computer’s hard drive for offline viewing. You can sync them to your device of choice using the packaged software and view them even if your tablet or smart phone isn’t connected to the Web.

Health Snacks

Just because you’re trying to watch your weight doesn’t mean that you can’t snack if you’re feeling hungry in between meals. The issue is that you need to make sure you have healthy snacks to help keep you fulfilled. Eating healthy while on the road can be difficult, but it isn’t impossible. If you’re planning a long car trip, pack healthy snacks to take along for the journey. There are two reasons why eating healthy while on the road is normally difficult. The first has to do with the amount of time you can spend looking for food of any type, which is normally limited if you’re in the middle of a trip. The second has to do with the limited options that are available. By taking the time to go to the store before a trip, you can eliminate both concerns and always have healthy items to snack on when you get hungry.

Motivational Images

Another great way to stay motivated while on the road with regards to weight loss is to always bring along motivational images of some type. Load your phone with images of your ideal body type. If you used to be thinner than you currently are and are trying to get back to a former weight, bring old pictures of yourself. Whenever you’re feeling tempted, look at the images for an extra boost of motivation.


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