Weight-loss Daughter Inspires Family To Lose 500lbs (Video)

A fitness fanatic has lost almost half her bodyweight and is now getting to work on her 1,500 pound (110 stone) family. Former junk food addict Christa Sierra, 23 from San Marcos, Texas managed to lose 190 pounds (14 stone) after she swapped burritos for salads and her sofa for the gym. She is now hoping to compete in body building competitions and become a personal trainer – but not before she has turned her attention to her overweight family.

So far she has helped her 20-year-old brother Austin lose an incredible 120 pounds and her 17-year-old brother Jarred lose 80 pounds. Her 46-year-old mother Georgia has lost 60 pounds and her 49-year-old father Jonny has lost 20 pounds.

via Barcoft TV