Weight Loss Myths Exposed

Weight Loss Myths Exposed

With tons of people offering advice on weight loss, it can be hard to separate the truth from myth! Lets take a look at the most common weight loss myths!

“The more weight that I have to lose the more intense my exercise routine should be”

Working intensively in your life is a great thing one ever wishes to do. But, we human are never the same in the abilities and traits we have. Some of us are very strong mentally, physically but others are not. A person with heavy weight cannot work intensively as compared to the one with the same weight but different level of physical and mental level. So one should work according to the level he or she has.

“Stress and weight do not go hand in hand”

I do not agree with this myth as stress in one of some emotional behaviors that let you eat more than your routine to get yourself satisfied and stress free. Many people have a habit to overeat when they are not mentally relaxed and doing so they try to feel relaxed and calm. That overeating will effect now or then.

“I can lose weight while eating whatever I want”

Doing daily exercise and working to the level of your body and metabolic limits is not enough to be balanced in your life. Keeping a balance in your eating habits is also important. Eating much out of your favorite selected dishes and eating over the limit of desire is dangerous to your fitness and health. There must always be a moderate level to enjoy these food items.

“Skipping meals is a good way to lose weight”

Skipping meals have never been a good choice to lose weight. Many reports and research have proved that skipping meals is not good for health and never proved to be successful in losing weight and gaining a fit health score. When metabolic levels of our body are imbalanced then it starts working against its set cycles.

“I will not lose weight while eating at night”

Having no meal at night is not a good way to lose weight. Our night meals help us to be fit while we are sleeping and our whole body is at rest. Our anabolic and catabolic reactions continuously need to be run in our bodies and when we refuse to have meal at night then these reactions are disturbed. Our senses to feel hungry work at imbalanced times and give us an imbalanced lifestyle.

“I am not acceptable until I lose weight”

Now in this case it is the time when you need to be mentally fit rather than physical fitness. When you yourself are not accepting you then how can you endorse others?  Mental disturbance and immaturity will lead to severe emotional behaviors like stress, complex, tension etc. and these will result in weight gain as said earlier.

“I need to cut calories to lose weight faster”

Cutting calories is a good option but not always. A person who is habitually in eating drastically can never go well this way. When this type of person suddenly decides to cut calories at once then the metabolic level of his body gets lower and lower that will result in overeating after some time off following this rule and the body will not work properly.

“Skipping meals is helpful to lose weight”

Skipping meals is the option that will force you to eat more at other times when you actually have food. At that time your metabolic level tracked off and this is also injurious to fitness.

“I think I have a genetic weight gain, it runs in my family”

It has never been the case. I agree that some families do affect the behaviors and habits of their children. They also affect the eating habits of their young ones. Also sometimes a healthy mother gives a healthy baby. But, it does not mean that there exists a hard and fast rule to be healthier ever just because you are the child of a healthy mother or family. There are no gene and DNA that shift the “fat” factor in a baby. You are the one to try to be moderate in your life, no one else is responsible.

“Eating healthy is too hard”

Minds usually do not accept a change easily. It takes time, effort and courage to do so. Changing your eating habits is difficult but not impossible. “SLOW AND STEADY WINS THE RACE.” A well known phrase that you can work on in every decision you want to make and stick to.

“You have to give up your favorite foods to lose weight”

A big “NO” to this myth, you never have to skip your favorite meals to lose weight. As said earlier it is a fine practice to be moderate in your eating habits. You can enjoy the tastes you like, as you can enjoy them twice or thrice a month. This will not affect badly your health and diet as well. Neither will it result in weight gain.

“Overeating is caused by hunger”

Hunger has never to do anything with your overeating. Good try but UN explanatory. People usually eat over when they are mentally and emotionally disturbed and they find no way out other than overeating.

Mentally disturbed factors may include stress, tensions, fear, complex, anxiety, rejection, and many similar ones. When people usually use food as a substitute to satisfy their needs and minds, then, they overeat and gain weight. So overeating is not a cause of “HUNGER”.

“Only drastic diets work”

A sudden and drastic change is never successfully accepted by us in our lives. We behave abnormally so do our body systems. Once we start practicing a drastic diet schedule, we do lose weight rapidly but, with even more speed we regain when we end up with that drastic routine. Even in most of the cases we gain more weight than before as a bonus.

“I am too fat and too far down the road to begin”

This myth totally underestimates a fat person. There is no end to HOPE. No matter how fat you are? You can still go for a balanced lifestyle. If you have tried in the past and you had loosened up the weight then don’t think that you can’t do it right now. You can still adopt a healthy routine by just mentally accepting the phrase “NEVER LOOSE HOPE.” It might be a bit more difficult for you to follow a healthy routine than before but believe me it will never be “IMPOSSIBLE”.

“I can’t do this; I tried many times but failed”

The great Henry Ford once said “Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t- you’re right.” It is actually your mindset that encourages you to do anything in your life to be successful at any point. Thinking that way will disappoint you and your mental acceptance for a change is no more. Result, you will lose the hope, courage and will regain. Now in this situation you are not only physically unfit but also mentally and emotionally. Discouragement and loosing weight do not go hand in hand.