Weight Loss Myths You Should Forget About



Millions of people are struggling to reduce their body and have taken up initiatives to be healthy. The main reason why there are millions of people suffering from obesity is due to the fact that they consume unhealthy meals rich in fats and inorganic substances. Obesity is an increasing problem among Americans, Canadians and Britons considering that most of their meals are processed. However, in order to minimize obesity there are steps that need to be taken in order to reduce obesity. They include

· Physical exercises

· Healthy diet

· Routine medical check-up

· Low sugar and salt intake.

Due to this predicament people are coming up with false weight loss programs filled with untrue successful stories. These weight loss myths are false and do not yield any positive outcome and they are basically five myths which include


Diet pills for long term weight loss.

Fake nutritionists are relaying on peoples ignorance in amassing wealth and profit by selling these pills to unsuspecting customers. These pills are inefficient and unhealthy because they do not help the body in any way. This is a common weight loss myth in US, UK, Canada, Australia, Japan and China among other developing nations.


Starving to lose weight.

Refusing to eat food is purely unhealthy and only results to the body being prone to diseases. The body suffers from poor dieting and lacks basic nutrition needed in proper body functions. Recent study indicated that lack of eating food can result to weight gain on long term because the body will be low on energy and crave for high-fat and sugary meals. When you chose to eat these meals the body will be prone to the following

· Hypertension

· Diabetics

· Insomnia

· Fatigue

· Constant headaches and stomach aches.


Carbohydrates are unhealthy.

Carbohydrates are vital to the body even though they have calorie contents. A balanced carbohydrate diet will not initiate weight gain. As a matter of fact in order to successfully have a weight loss diet start to eat complex carbohydrates in the morning and in lunch hours. It will serve as an energy boost during the day if undertaking exercises and restores back the energy lost. Some of the best and nutritional whole meal carbohydrates for weight loss include

· Brown rice

· Whole meal bread


Sleeping less

For proper weight loss getting enough sleep is important because the body systems are at rest and rejuvenating from the day`s activities. Some of the negative results caused by lack of sleep include

· Slow metabolism

· Reduction in production of hormone called leptin.

· More production of hormone called ghrelin

Leptin helps the body detect when to stop eating while ghrelin controls the body in eating more food. This situation is dangerous and can easily obesity.

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