Weightlifter Passes Out During Clean-and-Jerk (Video)

A Venezuelan weightlifter narrowly avoided injury after dramatically collapsing during a 233-pound clean and jerk at the Pan Am Games on Sunday. The 20-year-old momentarily holds the bar in the air. But she then buckles under the pressure and falls to the ground with the weight tumbling dangerously close behind.

Genesis Rodriguez Gomez was attempting a 106 KG clean and jerk, but she fainted during the lift and lost control of the weight. Fortunately, Gomez fell forward as the weight crashed to the floor right where she had been standing.

The story has a happy ending. not only was Gomez unhurt, she returned for another try at the same weight, and made it successfully. In fact, on her third lift, she upped the weight to 109 KG, made it, and took home a silver medal.

via Yahoo