What Are Some Strange/Funny Things You Have Overheard People Say In The Gym?


Check out some of these funny or strange things people seen or heard at there local gyms. Have a funny story? Comment below and well add it to the list!

There’s this one guy who likes to be way louder than everyone at the gym while he’s lifting. I guess it’s to show everyone that he’s working so much harder than them. One time, I walked by him just after he finished a set and, right in my ear, he claps and shouts “Who wants it baby?! Wooooo!” I’m pretty sure he was talking to himself, but it’s funnier to think that he was talking to me. Either way, I couldn’t keep a straight face. He also frequently “collapses” after sets. He’s pretty dramatic. He’s in good shape though.


Fat guy: You should keep your feet off of the ground while using the bench to activate your core, anyone who does it differently is cheating themselves.

Clueless guy: Oh thanks man, that makes sense.


Also half of the trainers at my gym are on steroids ( I know this because I know them personally) and I think that it really gives their clients a false sense of what they will be able to achieve by getting trained by these guys.


Not something I heard, but I once saw an obscenely overweight guy (he wasn’t overweight from muscle) shoveling raw protein powder into his mouth from one of those 5lb jugs.

Otherwise I haven’t seen or heard anything more ridiculous than that.


A 30 something guy brought his 5 year old to the gym. It was Sunday morning, not busy at all and the kid was just sitting on a bench watching ESPN. They’re showing basketball replays and the dad says, “And that is Kevin Durant.” The kid responds, “I like Kevin Durant… and Lebron James.” Dad says, “I told you, you can’t say that anymore.” (We’re in Cleveland, you’re not allowed to like Lebron anymore.) The kid then repeats it a few more times.


Heard these guys discussing how beneficial doing bench press was rather than pushups because apparently “bench is a much more natural motion.”


I workout in the early mornings and there’s these real estate guys who go to the gym to do benchpress and bicep curls (all I’ve ever seen them do) and spend the rest of the time following the fit ladies around. I’ll regularly see them with one leg up on a machine trying to chat up a woman who’s in the middle of her set on that machine. I never get close enough to listen to what they’re saying but they’re hilarious to observe from afar.


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