What Foods To Eat While Losing Weight

Weight Loss Foods

When you are trying to lose weight you need to cut down the calorie intake. You can also do this by increasing the physical activity you carry out usually. You can consume most of the foods when trying to reduce weight. But eating specific foods can help the process than others. Such as fruits, vegetables, lean protein sources and whole grains, also limiting food that is calorie dense. If you want to get perfection in your diet you need to get help by consulting a professional diet expert.

As all our bodies are different from each other we cannot come up with a single food plan for all. Any such plan cannot benefit every individual. For diverse body types there must be diverse plans. But it will be easier to follow these basic steps towards healthy eating while trying to lose weight. Everyone has his own personal preferences, goals and lifestyle. We need to flow some basic steps and create our own customized diet plans; plans, that will suit our individual medical conditions and needs. Following are the foods that will help you lose weight and trigger the process even more.

Green Salads:

Spinach, Lettuce and Arugula and other green vegetables that are usually included in salads are excellent food items to be incorporated in your diet plans. These will help you lose weight as they are low in energy density. As these foods are low in calories they will make you feel fuller before busting you with fats. Overweight people who integrate an increased number of fruits and salad greens in to their meals demonstrate better results at weight loss than those overweight people who do not.

Poultry Products:

As we all know that pork, steak or any other red meat has high level of fats and calories that are no good for weight loss. That is why it is recommended that you go for white-meat as well as skinless poultry. This acts as low density energy food item as part of a great diet plan. Poultry is a food option that is low in calories and fat whereas rich in protein.

Whole-wheat Bread:

It provides slow digesting carbohydrates that are a basic part of weight-loss plan. They are above the refined grains as they are richer in dietary fiber. As the foods that are high-fiber make you feel fuller for long so these will keep you way from overeating.

Lima Beans:

Lima beans are richer in fiber than legumes. University of Wisconsin’s Nutrition Services Department reported that every half a cup of cooked Lima provides about 5 g of fiber. As fibrous food takes longer to chew it slows down eating pace.


From University of Western Australia, Trevor A. Mori and colleagues in November 1999 experimented on a total of 63 patients, who were overweight. They were fed a fish meal daily. They found out that the group that ate fish lost weight more rapidly than the group who did not. The research also stated that the group that not only ate fish but also worked out reduced weight the most.