What Happens When You Pour Molten Copper On A McDonald’s Burger (Video)

A video showing molten copper being poured over a Big Mac demonstrates the “indestructible” properties of McDonald’s food.

McDonald’s converts may be left reeling after disturbing new footage shows boiling hot molten copper being poured over a Big Mac, resulting in the ‘buns of steel’ burger remaining relatively intact.

After heating up the copper to boiling point, the experimenter — wearing protective gloves— begins slowly pouring the liquid over the bun and then the attempted ‘mac attack’ begins.

As the liquid hits the bun, large flames erupt immediately. However, within a few seconds, the bun appears to ‘put out the flames’ leading to the suggestion that the bun and its various ingredients have flame retardant properties.

During the three-minute video, the food chain’s signature dish withstands a temperature of around 1085°C being poured over its entire surface.

Popular YouTube user Tito4e uploaded the clip and has proved that ‘murdering this burger’ is virtually impossible.

via Yahoo