What Is A Healthy Body Image and Weight?


This article has to do with a video that was posted yesterday about a news anchor being called fat by a man. Which brings up the topic on what is a healthy body image and weight for someone! Every individual in one way or another is not happy with one thing or the other, same goes with the weight. Everybody wants some amendment, for instance smaller thighs, nicer arms etc. But what we must really be focusing on is to maintain an overall healthy look and weight.

The example of our body is similar to that of a balloon if it does not carry required air it gets deflated and wrinkled, same goes for the body, if it does not have enough fat or air in it, and it starts showing such symptoms. Likewise the too much quantity of these two would also not be of very good of an option and would not make you look good enough. Not every individual requires the same input, so idea that has to be understood here is the fact that every single person has different requirements that are to be fulfilled in order to maintain a healthy body image.

Now continuing the example of a balloon in contrast with how we age, let’s looks the balloon analogy. By the time we reach the age of twenty five the collagen in our skin starts disappearing and degrading, hence the faces of the individuals start to become longer and leaner and cheekbones get more defined. At this stage if our bodies do not have enough fat, the absence of collagen is more noticeable and we can end up with an appearance of a sagging skin. It is one of the reasons that the individuals who are heavier in the initial years of their lives tend to lose weight later, look younger than the people of their own age.

After all this the question arises that what is the healthy weight of your body and how do you configure that? BMI i.e. Body Mass Index is the answer to your question, and these indexes are readily available on the web now. This provides you with the idea that what should be the perfect weight for your body in contrast with your height. BMI does not only give us the idea that what  our weight should be but also at the same time tells us that the overall look, the waist ratio etc are also important. So it is a good start to use BMI and then set your aims towards the right look that you want to carry around.

It is important and at the same time good thing to be conscious of your body since that gives the healthy body image. But remember at the same time that a too much excessive fat and too much lacking of it are things to be worried about, while a little excess or reduction should not worry you too much. But yes, use the internet and the avail webs to keep a check that you are doing well in maintaining yourselves.

So don’t wait, set up your goals and start putting in your efforts and dedications in the right direction and live a healthy and inspiring life.