What Is Raspberry Ketone?


Weight loss is one of the most popular topics talked about. With our daily life being so hectic, we are not getting enough time to exercise and the consumption of junk food is leading to obesity, hereby bringing with itself various diseases such as thyroid, diabetes, heart diseases and more. New inventions are being tried and tested every day and everywhere on how to lose weight without much effort. Various belts, tea, gels are being invented and are seen on t.v. and the internet. One of them is RASPBERRY KETONE.

Raspberry ketone is kind of a chemical extracted from red raspberries and used for weight loss. It comes in a concentrated form. It also used for hair growth apart from treating obesity. It’s also used in foods, cosmetics and makeup mainly to add fragrance or flavour.

It has become a popular tonic to cut out body fat and add lean mass. Various advertisements shown on the television claim this product to be a miracle fat buster.

How does it work??

Research on animals has proved that this supplement increases the rate of metabolism.  A hormone called adipnectin (fat burning hormone) is affected thus leading to weight loss. Generally thin people manufacture this hormone more than fat people. Thus, this raspberry ketone stimulates the production of adiponectin in our body. It absorbs the fat in the body. It is said that one feels fresh and energetic after using it. It is also a natural component and hence very expensive. It becomes too costly for a common man to get it in it’s pure form.

Since it is herbal, side effects raspberry ketone are nil. Other products available in the market may cause various things such as vomiting, etc.

Effects of raspberry ketone?

Post usage, one may feel a bit jittery and blood pressure may rise. But one surprising fact is that there is no proven experiment to understand how it actually helps to cut out fat from human beings. But there are reviews on the net about it and most of them say that it works like a miracle. Positive reviews has raised it’s selling rate also. It is basically the easiest and safest way to lose weight. You don’t have to maintain a rigid diet, no hitting the gym nor taking risky ways which may affect your health and make you feel sick. But there are some exceptions: – Heart patients are not recommended to consume raspberry ketones as it can lead to trouble. It can make one’s heart race after an hour of consumption. Pregnant women are also not advised to consume it and also those who are breast feeding. Blood pressure patients also should not take the risk. And anyway, one should consult the doctor. It has become a very much desirable product and people looking for a slimmer body and healthier life must try it. It also tastes good so there is no scene of avoiding it for that. And the rich fibre content in it also helps to satisfy one’s hunger. It also helps to maintain cholesterol level and also the cardiovascular system. It also contents antioxidants which is good for health. It helps fight diseases like aches and pains, sore skin, aching muscles, stiffness in joints, inflammation, etc. but there has been no scientific proof or study whether its long term consumption can affect your health or not. Many people also say that after consuming it they felt a kind of jittery and sickness. The right dosage should also be kept in mind. Many buy it in pill form or in its natural form. It says to decrease appetite also and fills you up. The main problem with it is that it is not yet tested on human beings and has been tested only on animals. But from the positive reviews from the net, one can easily decipher that it does work how it promises. It was previously used mainly to add flavour or fragrance. Synthetic raspberry ketone is cheaper but then it is not advised and is not good for our health.

Research says that the rate of obesity in kids and adults is increasing by the day. The number of obese people in the western world is really high. This is a reason to think about. It brings in lack of confidence and depression with itself and at times even hatred towards oneself. It also brings along other diseases as mentioned earlier. So if one can avail an easy way to reduce weight then why not? Something which is herbal, easily available but a bit expensive is always welcomed because anything good comes with the cost; isn’t it?