What You Should Circumvent In Order To Grant 6 pack Abs To You?



It is quite natural for a person to go hard on himself if something bigger is to be achieved in smaller time frame. This constraint of time leads him follow a number of activities that are normally considered taboo by the fitness regulars. People, who think that impossible can be achieved without following any regular routine, always find themselves drowned in the well of depression and anxiety. Therefore, it is very important to listen to what body says and follow an achievable routine as per the body capacity. There is no standard yardstick for measuring the success of efforts made and therefore, accepting the limits of body is very much essential for assuring following of healthy routine.

  • Do not compare results: Every body type is different and so is the ability to handle stress. A person who has athletic life style and the one who stays glued to office chair for major part of the day is bound to produce different results from the fitness routines followed by them. Hence, the first step towards attaining 6 pack abs is accepting the body type. There is no need to compare your results with anybody as the metabolic systems of different bodies are different. So, listening to the body needs is really important before joining the bandwagon blindly.
  • Never go for Crash Diet: Fitness is never about staying hungry and working out beyond limits. People adopting food-less routine are sure to succumb to pains of working out faster than those who eat right and remain well-hydrated. Weight can never be lost by staying hungry. On the contrary, it results into other complications like dizziness, weakness, increase in acidity and sometimes, low blood pressure. All these ill-effects make the weight-loss program a dreadful process and people find themselves opting out of them very soon because of the wrong practices adopted. Even if some inexplicable some of money is bet on this weird process of losing weight, you should always refrain yourself doing so.
  • Don’t put body under undue Stress: The concept of ‘slow and steady wins the race’ works really well while achieving any ambitious milestone in the journey of achieving fit body. Working out for 3 hours continuously for one day and then saying no to gym the other day due to fatigue will simply slow down the journey. Hence, adopting a regular work-out plan that is achievable as well as manageable is very much necessary for remaining fit. Listening to trainer’s advice is necessary but it is always advisable to discuss the problems faced during following it, as what is going wrong should surface up before it is too late.
  • Do not combine Cardio and Weight Training: Over-enthusiasm does no good to the serious contenders for the perfect body frame. While cardio exercises are supposed to burn the calories, the weight training is meant for developing muscle mass. Therefore, combining both of them in single routine may result into loss of muscle mass instead of building it. Abs and good muscles are built out of wise work-out routine and so understanding the effects of all the work-out types is essential before adopting a regular work-out plan. People often tend to lose patience with cardio exercises and get lured by the muscle build-up exercises. This practise must be avoided if you are interested for a polished body shape instead of just having a good biceps but poor chest muscles.

Following the above four “do not do” list would surely position you on the driver’s seat to acquire a charming figure for yourself. However, you need to harvest patience and show some discipline while practicing these four things.


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